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CSRminute:UFood Grill Joins HealthCorps for Teen Obesity Program; Minimum Wage Protest in Bangladesh

Hello, I’m Emily Polk, and these are your CSR Minute headlines for Monday, August 23rd: UFood Restaurant Group has formed a cause marketing partnership with HealthCorps, the non-profit organization founded by surgeon and talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz. The program will generate contributions to fight teen obesity through HealthCorps’ peer education program that provides information about nutrition, physical activity, and mental strength in 42 high schools in 12 states. UFood Grill has pioneered the concept of a healthy menu restaurant combined with an in-house nutrition center. Three garment industry labor leaders were arrested in Bangladesh on charges that they organized protests in that country last month. Demonstrators were protesting an increase in the minimum wage to $43 dollars per month; labor groups had sought an increase to $72 monthly, comparing the wage unfavorably to China’s minimum wage for garment workers, which ranges up to $147 dollars per month. Garment-making, with three million workers, employs more people than any other industrial segment in Bangladesh. The fast-growing clothing industry in that country supplies retailers such as H & M and Wal-Mart. For more information on these and other stories, go to

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