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At 11:33am on October 8, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea,
Thank for your kind note and remind about the DVD, to let you know that my partner CEO of Power Congo died recently in Benin. I was hurted and disapointed, but the project will contnue in another location, in Katanga 'the Mining erea and I will like to work with you there to develop the vision and plan we share together in the Past.
Our Governor of Katanga owns one of the biggest Mining Company in the Province and I will be please to partner with him so that can develop that project with you if is okay with you.

Keep me update and keep me in touch,
I hope to hear from you at your convenience,
Best regards ,
At 6:30am on October 9, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea,
I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and very kind note. I understand very well your power msg about the vision. Vision don't die , yes I will continue with the same vision but in another location for a reason and I'm sure as your said he will smilling from the sky for my achievement.

There's a lot to be done here in Africa , as I'm aware about some development projetcs it better to do it for the benefit of others.
Martin Lutherking said once ; the most important question in life is , what are you doing for others? Thank you for all your support and I look forward to work closely with you to help the DRC to comeout on dead Aid activities . keep in touch.

All the best ,
At 6:41am on October 9, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea ,
How far are you with the progress of your project? I look forward to hear from you at your convenience.
Best regards ,
At 2:31pm on October 14, 2009, Emmanuel Arthur said…
hi Andrea,
good to know and have you as a friend.hope our friendship affords us the opportunity to network and share experiences to help solve problems our various countries are faced with.
i am very happy about the project you are working on and will be very glad if it will be possible to start something of the sort in my country because we have quite a number of mining towns here in Ghana.
hope to hear from you very soon on this issue and good to know you.
At 7:22am on October 15, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Thanks so much Andrea,
I wish you a wonderfull birthday and enjoy your nice weekeend. I wish I could be there with you

so that I could offer you a very surprise gift cannot immagine from Rock Power is Back. Happy birth day to you and the day I will see you that when I will give you myself your gift for your birth day. You have been a great blessing to me and you are my inspiration Andrea .

I miss you and I hope to hear from you after your event. All the best and much love.
Rock Power is Back

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