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At 4:49am on December 4, 2008, Erle Frayne Argonza said…
Hi Andrea! Thanks for the invite. Wow! That's a great mission of yours and your foundation, keep it up! I got some writes that you may find interesting, including the latest one about Pakistan-India conflict. Keep in touch, carpe diem!... Erle
At 12:21pm on December 10, 2008, George Ansa Duke said…
Hello Andrea, would you consider working in Nigeria? Industrialization is our only alternative for economic up-turn and empowerment being the realistic sustainble strategy for poverty alleviation, employmenmt creation, peace and food security and ultimately transition to green economy.
At 12:46pm on December 12, 2008, Finexpert said…
Africa, particularly western part, needs such initiative!!!
At 8:32pm on December 12, 2008, John Marie Lugemwa, OSB said…
Hi Andrea, thanks for adding me. I have through your website and sounds like you are doing some great work. I will be in touch for some advise on my work in Africa with and
At 8:19pm on December 14, 2008, Chriswaterguy said…
Hi Andrea,
I'm very interested in the "Industries for Africa Foundation." Transfer of knowledge is our goal, and it would be great to see what synergy we can create.

Have you looked at open licenses to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration?

I gather from your site's overview that your focus is on sharing knowledge in your particular areas of expertise, in a hands-on kind of way. That is very complementary, as our focus is on providing the infrastructure and connections, so that people can share, create and develop knowledge resources which can be shared in various ways -which we envisage happening not only by by internet as now, but through OLPC's laptops, CDs, phone, and printed material.

It would be great if you could share your knowledge on Appropedia. Let us know how we can help!
At 9:26am on December 28, 2008, Keith McGuinness said…
Hi Andrea,
Thanks for the invite. Congrats on your initiative, it looks like you are working on a really interesting and worthwhile project. I wrote my MBA dissertation on FDI in several African countries that covered competitiveness and investment climate so what you are trying to achieve is somewhat familiar to me.
At 1:35pm on January 1, 2009, George Ansa Duke said…
Hello Ms,
You're already stepped into a wonderful and beautifully packed year!
Nigeria is very pregnant and willing to give birth through your industrial initiatives. So always bear this sick pregnant mother in mind, Okay!
At 10:23pm on January 6, 2009, Ravi Pratap Shahi said…
Hallo Andrea,

May be you can start a project which will help us in starting small rural enetreprises in tribal areas of India, where large mining and larger Industrialisation is spoiling the land, people and culture. Large scale displacement and exploitation is to be stopped and smllaer, sustainable enterprises are to be set up.
If you wish to see our small efforts you can go to:
At 4:49am on January 7, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hi Andrea ,
Thanks for the invite.I found your website very useful and iteresting with my new appointment as the United Actions Ambassador in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the aim to advance the Millenium Development Goals of UN in the DRC.
Could kindly provide me your personal email so that I can forward some of important documents and useful information.
I would be pleased to collaborate with your organaisation to make a very big difference in DRcongo.
Warm regards ,
At 9:16am on January 7, 2009, DR OLUSEGUN STEPHEN OGIDAN said…
Many thanks Andrea, Keep up the good job. Pls send your personal email to
Dr Steve
At 9:18am on January 7, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea ,
Many thanks for the feedback. I will send you an email shortly .

Best regards ,
At 9:29pm on January 8, 2009, Ravi Pratap Shahi said…
Thanks for response.
I will be touch and will always hope for your visist to India and my project,


At 4:10am on January 14, 2009, Peter Ongera said…
Kenya on your mind?
At 6:29am on January 15, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea ,
When are we going to explore the possibilty of partnership in Democratic Republic of Congo?
I look forward to hear from you when you have a moment.
Best regards ,
At 6:52am on January 15, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea ,
Excellent and thank your kind notes and email. I'm deligthed that we are going to make diffrence and transform many traditional systems by your briallant innovative foundation.

Africa need to be update really in the way of doing things. Rich Dad said many peope do the rigth things by old and traditional ssytem, the need rigth things and new ones.

My role is to invoved innovative prject or programmes from difference organisations or individuals around the World to come and joint my efforts to indistrilized and develop my home country the Democratic Republic of Congo

In our Country NGO s are more brilliant than the gouverment and because of bureacracy many opportunities have passed us over in the previous years but now I'm working in this philosophy : Got an idea? do it.

Best regards ,
At 9:39am on January 15, 2009, Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi said…
Thank you! I am curious about this network.... your foundations sounds interesting! best regards from cold Vienna
At 3:20am on January 16, 2009, Peter Ongera said…
Thanks for writing. Good luck in West Africa and welcome to East Africa,later.
At 2:20pm on February 14, 2009, Jerry Peloquin said…
Andrea...I will do the writing for you. Set up a time on skype first.
At 9:06pm on February 14, 2009, Kerrie Wilson said…
Hello Andrea,
I will be happy to add any insight if you would like to include me on a list while you refine your copy. My organizations website is Ill talk with Jerry about it since Jerry and I are associates :)
At 3:43pm on August 5, 2009, Rock Power Ntumba said…
Hello Andrea ,
How is it? I miss you so much. what is up at your side ? I'm sorry to not writing to you for a long time I was a away but now I'm back.

I hope to hear from you at your convenience.

Best regards ,

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