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At 3:48pm on January 25, 2009, manilaman said…
Gottlieb Keller,
Kindly see my postings. Could we possibly collaborate in the marketplace somehow?
At 12:31am on January 26, 2009, Nilovna said…
Hello Mr. Keller! Thank you for adding me as a friend. May I request you to add tags and captions to your photographs?
At 10:45am on January 26, 2009, VINCENT NDEDA said…
Great business, I would like to be associated with it.

can i get the more informattion from you.
At 5:52pm on January 29, 2009, Kerrie Wilson said…
I would love to talk with you! Cheers!
At 1:53pm on February 1, 2009, Margarita Korzoun said…
really great photos!
At 2:38pm on February 1, 2009, Margarita Korzoun said…
Could you write some words about your business - what's the product or service etc?
At 3:31pm on February 1, 2009, Jerry Peloquin said…
Aber der frager ist? Glad to meet you in this space. If you want to know of us... you can go to: We have a BoP triple bottom line compliant community economic development model... se are starting our own fund since we can't find anyone with the Balls to go down market to the bottom with us. (just kiddin')

Let's chat

At 3:31pm on February 1, 2009, Margarita Korzoun said…
thanks - i've looked trough web information about the fund and green cooperatives - good idea.
At 4:12pm on February 1, 2009, George Ansa Duke said…
Hello there,
I really appreciate you and have respect so much for your green prospects, and want us to walk and work together to getting similar projects implemented here in Nigeria or any part of West Africa. Get me informed on your needs
At 4:55pm on February 1, 2009, George Ansa Duke said…
My research for the past few years as an employee of Ensole ( also included touring round major cities and communities with huge waste generating potentials in other that we assist states government create dumpsites, haul their waste and manage it. After most of these identification to propose to undertake the management of waste in their cities mostly to develop landfills to capture methane gas, which was the till date the only idea in our management structure, many state government have gone ahead to opening BIDs for qualified company's but we'd intended getting exclusive rights to Build Operate & Tranfer (BOT). Their approach hasn't been favorable to us because of poli-ticking, a situation where state chief executives would award such qualifications to an almost technically destitute firms, not even with management expertize, who'll now in turn sought to sell off the contracts at really absurd or want a JV partnership without meanningful contributions. How'ever with the rather new waste energy conversion technology, i think if we approach some municipal government they'll be much more interested than Landfield gas capture. So you give me details of the Waste Energy Technology (WET) at your disposal and your collaborative ethics, then i'll fashion out the best easiest and possible means of system integration either direct with government whose sector is yet to be explored or develop a profitable JV partnership with other potential companies whose already taken up exploration! I'll like to get a Hard copy of your company profile as well. Here is my
At 9:10am on February 2, 2009, Gottlieb Keller said…
Hello George,
Many thanks for your comments and explanation what you are doing. We will need to find a way to get to the highest level in Nigeria within the government to make changes in your country for Re-Shaping a Global Green Economy
For Social and Environmental Justice for all.

100% Closed-Loop Single-Stream Recycling Programs need to be addressed on the highest levels.

All the best
Gottlieb Keller .
At 2:58pm on February 9, 2009, Margarita Korzoun said…
Hello, Gottlieb, in Belarus I run my small business, teach at the Universty and write PhD
At 12:37pm on June 25, 2009, Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi said…
long time since I have been on dev. crossing. thank you for connecting! greetings from Vienna
At 3:42am on May 28, 2010, George Ansa Duke said…
Great to see you virtually once again after the long break. Having taken a long delve into your inspired prospect to helping communities across the globe "GO GREEN" and sign onto the UN green city declaration through the Paradise "Green City Foundation" innovations, this has sprked a long and very intensive consultation with the multi-level tier stake-holders across public-private sector with the receptive communities involved, and however this has been greeted and welcomed, but often not without skepticism as to how the Micro-Credit Co-operative Credit could obviously attract FDI and not merely technical expertise on Praradise Green City Parent Company and it's also obvious that we'll have to incorporate Paradise "Green City Foundation" Nigeria, its Sister company to formalize all arrangement. What's the way forward?
My Regards
At 3:01pm on September 20, 2011, George Ansa Duke said…

Hello, how re you doing sir? I am very much still consulting at both policy and implementation level with the Govt, at the federal and local  level. Environmentalism is like breathing to me as every aspect of human develpment is based on it. so it would be an understatement for me to resign on it as a core profession. with the ministry of environment at both federal and state level specifically i initiate public private partnership, also seeking international collaborations. I am also facilitate oil and gas export.Just a little specifics about  the much of others. Hoping this little piece could best inform you.


Regards Sir and hope to hear from you.

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