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Your Employees' Opinions on Giving Back Should be Heard

AdobeStock_104449442.jpegWe at Causecast are proud of the company we keep, and one of those companies is our partner, America’s Charities, the leader in workplace giving and philanthropy.

Since 1980, America’s Charities has raised more than a half billion dollars for tens of thousands of nonprofits in federal, state and local government, and corporate workplace giving campaigns. It’s the only organization to provide full-scale corporate philanthropy solutions to employers, employees, and nonprofits, offering support from strategy development through implementation to maximize community impact.

One of the many ways that America’s Charities has distinguished itself is through its breakthrough reporting on trends in employee giving, volunteering and engagement. America’s Charities has been surveying companies and nonprofits for a number of years to identify key attitudes and perceptions shaping the practice of giving back and maximizing social impact across private and public sectors.

Through its surveys and landmark reports, America’s Charities builds understanding about what employee donors want, need and desire. The company’s reporting is an invaluable asset to any organization that hopes to engage employees through cause.

And now America’s Charities needs YOU to help further its important work in the field of community involvement programs that benefits us all, which includes helping companies lower recruitment costs, reduce costs associated with low quality work and achieve higher revenue.

America’s Charities is currently issuing a new survey for its next report, Snapshot 2017, which it will use to refine the understanding of the short-term impacts of corporate philanthropy for employees, including increased engagement, skills development, better networks, increased awareness of social/environmental issues, increased community engagement, and team building events. The report will also study the long-term business impacts of giving back, including higher retention, better client relationships, better client networks, more cross-department collaboration, higher quality work, and better reputation for the company.

Participating in America’s Charities’ survey offers company leaders a great opportunity to let employees know that you care about their opinions around giving back. Companies can choose to participate for free or get involved as a sponsor, but however you choose to get involved you’ll be deepening our collective understanding of corporate volunteering and giving by engaging employees in offering feedback.

America’s Charities’ employee donor survey enables America’s Charities and its employer and nonprofit stakeholders to:


  • learn which initiatives provide greatest benefit for and impact on employees

  • tell a more compelling story around the benefits of these activities

  • measure the business impact (e.g. increases in skill sets) of employee volunteering

  • help employers improve its EE and WPG investments over time

  • The results America’s Charities are looking to capture include:

  • Engagement

  • Leadership involvement

  • Motivation and rewards

  • Societal and environmental awareness

  • Connection to work

  • Volunteerism

  • Influences of generational differences

  • Increasing expectations among small and mid-size companies

The survey is short and painless, taking on average 10-15 minutes to complete. All responses will be confidential and anonymous, and evaluated in the aggregate.                                       

Causecast is proud to collaborate with America’s Charities to help employers increase engagement, achieve their corporate philanthropy goals, and support charities looking to expand their reach and exposure among employers. We hope that you’ll choose to participate in this effort by distributing America’s Charities’ survey for Snapshot 2017 to your employees.

Interested in the survey?

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