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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

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Comment by Praveen Singh on October 27, 2011 at 12:07pm

Hidden workforce
in India


Meaning of workforce.
... (Economics) the total number of people who could be employed
the country's workforce. In India unemployment is very high 40
Million with an Unemployment Rate of 9.4%. It contrary children below the age 18
years are working as hidden workforce in India. These children are all
around within households, outside street at traffic lights, eateries, railway
platform, in agriculture farm with parents, in seed production industry without
parents in vulnerable environment, in brick kilns, industry, mines, coastal
areas, entertainment industry and brothel at any age when our own children are
in school or in playground.


If this is the situation all
around then who is accountable for child rights violations, parents, society,
state, children themselves who because of the accident of where they are born.
I believe no one will say children themselves assuming place of birth is not
linked to karma in past life. Then come to parents who are struggling for
survival trapped in hunger, unemployment, debt. They are not in position to
help their own children. This section of society is large in India as per
census 2001 over 5 lakh children working below the age of 5 and 13 million
children in various forms of work. Where as the actual figure is much higher
every child who is not in school is a hidden child worker, rearing younger
siblings, tending the home or helping parents earn.  Then if we examine the society in large then
most of them are contributing to it which is necessary but not sufficient
either they are giving donations to civil society organizations, volunteering
on the cause, some of them are doing for feel good factor like giving food and
cloths. Every body is doing their bit as per the sensitivity towards children,
time, and resources. Some of them are engaged in creating sensitivity towards
underprivileged children. We also need to examine the market and media the
percentage of patronage towards children. We all are sensitive but our
investment is minimal we need to look it seriously. If we come to our state
responsibility then Government is legally bound to ensure that every child
under 14 years is in a mainstreamed school, then there must be a complete ban
on child workers but in contrary government has banned on 13 occupations and 57
processes. Law in India
permits most children of any age to work except prohibited hazardous area. Even
these prohibited areas are rarely enforced. Country reports no more than a few
thousands prosecutions every year and even fewer convictions.



I belief it is non negotiable child labour should be
totally banned at any cost. There are arguments against banning child labour
first Child labour is outcome of poverty but also its cause. Second banning
child labour Indian export become uncompetitive because adults would have to be
paid more and contribute in nations economy growth. But India’s
economic growth can not be built on the thin shoulders of our working children.
Life skill development enabling artisanal, farming, fishing community for n


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