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This cause marketing movement really intrigues me. Not because its an upcoming trend, not because its revolutionizing the industry nor is it because it stirs up really cool campaigns.

Its because I believe cause marketing has always existed in some form or another. And we as marketers, who at times have been accused and figuratively lynched by the masses for exploiting our power and influence to foment decadence in society, now have a cure for the common mob. Marketers now exploit our power and influence for good! Here goes...

On Monday, Pepsi launched its 'Refresh Project' a viral campaign that is destined to set the industry benchmark aflame. I like to think of it as a savvy response to the angry mobs all over the world. With time this bold move will most likely become the tip of an iceberg, a response to stun and astound the angry mobs.

Case-in-point: "In 2009, Pepsi launched the Refresh campaign, celebrating optimism and its role in our changing world. This year, Pepsi is putting that optimism into action, with the the launch of the Pepsi Refresh Project. Over the course of the year Pepsi will be awarding millions of dollars in Pepsi Refresh Grants. Rather than simply donating the money to charity, the Refresh Project promises to connect to consumers on a personal level, increasing their involvement with the brand by letting them decide which projects to fund... It's a refreshing way of doing business..." (Ads of the World, 02/10)

Refreshing way indeed! Check out the ad below to catch a glimpse of this brilliant campaign.

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Comment by Jess Sand on February 18, 2010 at 2:57pm
Hi Kenneth,

I just posted a few of my own thoughts on the Pepsi campaign here. I'm certainly biased toward this kind of campaign, since I have a project in the running (we're actually in 28th place out of 700+; we need to get to the top ten in the next ten days). But I think generally speaking Pepsi has positioned this whole thing pretty well.

Not only have they gotten 700+ networks to advertise on Pepsi's behalf by campaigning for their own social projects, but they've generated a far more press than any Super Bowl ad they could have run (and that press has been overwhelmingly positive from what I've read).


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