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Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget - Assess its comprehensiveness and identify unreported extra-budgetary fiscal activity

Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget 

Accra, Ghana March 28 2013 - Idilmat is pleased to announce the next session of its three-day professional development workshop - "Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget".  This course aims at providing participants with an understanding of the central government budget and provides a framework to analyse it.  

The central government´s budget is placed within the fuller public sector framework
to permit a basis for examining the degree of comprehensiveness achieved and the opportunities presented for obscuring the application of government funds through extra-budgetary arrangements.  

This training is designed for:

  • NGOs
  • Non Budget Officers
  • Development Advisors 

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the budget formulation, implementation and reporting cycle and identify opportunities for meaningful civil society engagement as well as opportunities for corruption and abuse;
  • Be equipped with some basic methods for analysing budget documentation
  • Be able to assess the credibility of the budget
  • Be able to identify threats to debt sustainability
  • Understand the basic elements of Budget Formulation; Budget Classification; Budget Preparation; Budget Execution, Financial Management and Reporting; External Audit and Parliamentary Oversight.


Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget

April 15, 16, 17

Idilmat Capacity Development Institute

Ring Road Central, Accra

See course details or register online

Our capacity development training is focused on the public and private sectors.  Under our public sector programmes we offer training workshops in governance, public policy and development  economics, public finance management, oil and gas resource management, public private partnership, sector strategy and management, decentralization. Under our private sector programmes we offer training workshops in financial management, leadership, banking and finance, marketing, real estate development and entrepreneurship.


The Idilmat team has established a strong reputation for the delivery of effective training to both government officials and donor organisations. Our team has provided training to the African Development Bank, UNICEF, USAID, DFID, CIDA, the World Bank Institute and the EC; and in a number of countries including Botswana,  Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Yemen, Dominica, Namibia, Nepal, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Kenya, Fiji, Vietnam, Thailand, Barbados and Nigeria.


For more information contact Grace Ayensu on +233 266 170 403 or email her

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