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The planet doesn't much care whether we're in economic freefall

I hope everyone is doing well! Soooo it seems like we are in a slight economic mess...but what does this mean for companies trying to go green? Fortunately, this downturn has a green lining. Until now, it seems like everyone has been rushing to go green but with the economy in such a slump, it seems like going green has slowed down.

The article that I chose to write about was on CSR Wire and the author writes "times are uncertain, so who really knows what corporate priorities will be over the next year or two? But at the risk of being dead wrong very soon, I'll venture some opinions. First, if there's a deep, prolonged recession, the green movement slows down because everything slows down. Of course some parts of the economy will lose momentum slower than others (the growth of renewable energy, for example, will likely continue but perhaps at a slower pace of growth, much like China's recent 9 percent GDP rise was oddly seen as recessionary)."

When I think about it, with companies looking to reduce costs, now is probably the best time to go green.

"When things are this tight, people see that it's about saving jobs and money. There's no better time to take action." This instinct to dive in head first runs counter to the visceral need to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. But as in most recessions, the companies that have the means to invest in smart ways during down times rebound the fastest when the economy turns around."

"Going Green" does not seem to be going anywhere, and the recession going on today brings about one positive development.

"The drop in energy prices gives companies and our economy a bit of breathing room to find efficiencies and get off of oil as fast as possible. So take advantage of the reprieve, push your people to do more with less, and innovate to set your company up for rapid growth and success when times get better. They always do."

Anywaysss, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I'll try post again sometime soon!

Source: CSR Wire

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