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My friend recently shared this status update on Facebook. Her description of the joy of aid work resonated with me as I thought it would with readers of
Kirsten Weeks [in Zambia] “realizes that I am happiest on days like today that start with a 6am departure to the airport, visits to a cotton gin, talks with small holder farmers, focus groups at ART clinics with potential problem solving to address nutrition issues, long car rides through rural villages and solving personal life problems under African skies with good friends and good food and great stars – am thinking I want to move back to Southern Africa sooner than I thought…”

When I asked her if I could share her thoughts on, she wrote,  “Real life is with real people sharing real experiences, in African villages or in American cities and towns, not necessarily in sterile cubicles and offices anywhere in the world."

Where do you find the joy of aid work? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.


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