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The Importance Of Investing In High-Quality Lab Equipment

There’s absolutely no room for error when it comes to science. So, when getting new lab equipment the first thing that you should be aware of and pay special attention to is the high level of quality. It is paramount that you make sure that all the laboratory utensils and instruments are giving you the best possible results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying lab instruments for a school, or for a top-notch science institute – it’s equally important to have high-quality apparatus at everyone’s disposal, and at all times, too.

New Lab Instruments vs. Used

You might be thinking about cutting budget costs by choosing a cheaper, second-hand option. But we’re strongly advising you to reconsider this idea. There are numerous pitfalls of second-hand lab equipment, even though you can save a significant amount of money.

Before you make your final decision, you should make sure to follow some quality assurance tips. First of all, try to get information about equipment calibration. Just like with buying a used car, you should check the equipment maintenance history, logs about any previous repairs or spare parts replacements. In other words, you need to get a clear idea of what kind of condition the equipment is exactly.

How To Tell If The Used Lab Equipment Is Worth The Risk?

Other details that you should have at your disposal when buying used lab equipment are the life expectancy, availability of spare parts, the trustworthiness of the supplier (possessing an ISO certification helps here), what are the functionalities and features of the equipment, as well as the availability of service contracts and warranty

Only after you’ve made sure that all these criteria are met, you should consider buying used lab equipment. But we’ll remind you that it’s still a rather risky move to invest in the used lab equipment. If you decide to go this route nevertheless, at least know exactly what you’re getting yourself involved into prior to making a purchase.

Make Sure That The Laboratories Are Conditioned

Creating a closely controlled environment is crucial for any serious lab work. You’d want to avoid jeopardizing the accuracy of the experiments and results at any cost. Outside temperatures, humidity, atmospheric pressure can all affect the tests, making the data completely useless. Having high-quality equipment and lab supplies in Australia is of utmost importance, especially because of the aforementioned environmental factors. Any atmospheric changes that aren’t calculated in advance can affect the results greatly.

What Are The Optimal Lab Conditions?

Creating a controlled environment is the only thing that helps here, and you won’t be able to make such conditions without superior lab equipment. Make sure to follow the recommended environments for standard laboratories, as the weather in Australia can often times ’escape’ these guidelines. 

An environment of 65% RH and 20°C is considered to be optimal in many test methods. For example, , as well as require these conditions. But no matter which test methods you need, ensure that you meet these criteria. Otherwise, every test result that you get can be regarded as completely meaningless and inconsequential.

The Importance Of High-Quality Lab Equipment In Schools

The scientists and other lab workers already know the importance of working on the first-class equipment. But schools also need to be aware of this, as they have and share the responsibility of teaching, developing, and making new scientists, and scientific breakthroughs that these children are creating later in their lives. Once they become boffins and respected members of the scientific community, they have the opportunity and chance to change everyone’s lives.

But before that happens, they need to be put in a position to work on the first-class lab utensils and apparatuses. This equipment helps them immensely to better understand the concepts, chemical, physical, and biological experiments. They also have a chance to get a hands-on learning experience. The abstract concepts are so much easier to grasp in the laboratory because everyone quickly realizes why seeing is believing.


Whether you’re getting new lab equipment for a research institute or a school, it’s pertinent that you opt for high-quality appliances, instruments, utensils, and supplies. In the first case, the scientists and lab workers will have a tougher time conducting the experiments if the apparatus isn’t top-notch. They need to work in the conditioned laboratories in order to get relevant results and data. Outside weather conditions can corrupt the experiments, making them worthless, inapplicable, and unserviceable.

On the other hand, if you’re ordering lab equipment for a school, it is equally important to choose the best equipment on the market. These children will someday become the scientists that are making scientific breakthroughs. That’s why it’s momentous to give them both the opportunity and the conditions in which they can thrive more easily.

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