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Brave One’s new digital publishing service engages stakeholders by creating immersive and engaging CSR publications 


Brave One, a digital marketing agency specializing in CSR communications, today announced their new digital publishing service, the agency’s latest offering to help maximize the reach and impact of their clients’ CSR communications efforts. “Presenting a groundbreaking CSR or sustainability report in an engaging way is a huge challenge,” said agency Co-Founder Jesse Mayhew. “Most reports are solely published through downloadable PDF’s which are shared and promoted through the company’s website. This not only limits the potential audience, but also the reader’s engagement with the content. By utilizing digital publishing, a CSR report can be transformed into a strikingly interactive application that fully engages the attention of stakeholders.”

“We are excited to offer this mobile distribution service to companies who are serious about expanding their audience, and deepening the impact of their reporting,” said Brave One Co-Founder Lukas Snelling. “In addition to being an incredible communications tool, mobile distribution also adds to your company’s sustainability efforts by saving paper.”

“Unlike with static PDFs, distribution across mobile devices allows us to integrate multimedia elements into our clients’ reporting. Now a corporation’s annual report can feature a video statement from the CEO, audio interviews, Twitter integration, custom animation, and much, much more,” continued Snelling. “We strongly believe that digital publishing is the future of sustainability reporting.”

You can learn more about Brave One’s Digital Publishing service by clicking here or by calling Brave One Directly at 413-650-2771.

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Comment by Wayne Harris on July 21, 2012 at 6:21am

Good blog,


ISQEM Association

Comment by Ian Berry on July 21, 2012 at 8:52pm

I agree with your premise Jesse however the real issue is not reporting in my view it is what other people say about your actions that really matters and I see digital increasing this as well

Amazon are very successful and not recommending books rather letting readers do that and in same way it is not what a company says about itself that matters rather what their stakeholders are saying


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