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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability


Corporations developing their first organized, strategic CSR program may be uncertain where to turn for sound advice. Creating, implementing, and communicating CSR policies and initiatives can be one of the most daunting tasks a company can undertake. Brave One is happy to offer this list of 50 resources for any organization new to the world of Corporate Social Responsibility.



1. In a post for Sustainable BrandsBBMG’s Chief Strategy Officer Raphael Bemporad shares five trends that will drive winning brands this year—from the rise of C2C to the influence of Generation Why; “Looking Around the Corner: Five Trends Shaping Sustainable Brands i....”

2. Susan McPherson, Senior Vice President at Fenton, writes about “Why CSR’s Future Matters to Your Company.”

3. “Four Emerging Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility” on TriplePundit presents the latest thinking on CSR, social media, and communicating corporate good.

4. John Friedman, co-founder and vice chair of the board, Sustainable Business Network of Washington, writes “The Role of Business in a Global Society: Progress or Protect?” in this3BL Media blog.

5. Nine barriers to reinventing capitalism: What is preventing a transformation within capitalism? John Elkington, executive chairman of Volans and co-founder of SustainAbility, discusses the barriers to change through the lens of Amory Lovins’ latest book,Reinventing Fire, a book that offers CSR solutions.

6. Andrea Learned, Seattle-based marketing expert and author, asks “Sustainability Thought Leadership: Shift or Show?” in this CSR post on Huffington Post.

7. “A Vision of Real Corporate Leadership on Sustainability” by Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies and author of Green Recovery, dives into how a company should respond to global sustainability pressures and how it can publicly drive CSR initiatives.

8. Better Decision Making for Sustainability: According to new research by the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), sustainability decisions are particularly likely to be affected by biases and errors. Why?

9. Barker – If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already found an excellent CSR resource!  Here the Brave One team weighs in on the latest in CSR trends, as well as offers our expertise in matters of green marketing and branding for sustainability.

10. Wayne Visser, founder and CEO of CSR International, questions whether conventional CSR methods have failed and introduces the concept of “CSR 2.0” in his blog, “The Death of CSR.”

11. John Elkington looks at the future of the CSR/sustainability movement in “Verging on the Sustainable?” on GreenBiz.

12. The B Corp Blog is the voice of over 465 B Corporations in 60 industries building a new sector of the economy that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Here, you can find ways to redefine business by:

  • Meeting comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards;
  • Holding higher legal accountability standards; and,
  • Building business constituency for public policies that support sustainable business.

13. The CSR Blog on Forbes covers all topics related to the responsibility companies do or do not have to people and the planet.

14. The Guardian’s The Sustainable Business Blog features leading CSR and sustainability expert voices and showcases best practices in corporate sustainability.

15. Elaine Cohen, founding partner of Beyond Business Ltd, a social and environmental business consulting firm specializing in CSR strategy and roadmap development, captures and reports key findings of the latest CSR books in her CSR Books blog.



15. The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR has now moved beyond the stage of specialist or niche subject matter to become an integral part of global business and society. This timely edition is a definitive guide to CSR, sustainability, business ethics and the organizations and standards in the field.

16. CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices by Elaine Cohen, offers a comprehensive guide for CSR and Human Resources Managers on the interface between CSR and HR, and what HR managers should be doing to ensure a CSR-enabled culture.

17. The Corporate Responsibility Code Book [2nd ed] answers “What are the best standards for companies seeking to be socially responsible?” Over the course of more than a decade, author Deborah Leipziger has analyzed hundreds of codes of conduct and standards to answer that question.

18. The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success by Carol Sanford offers a new and strategic approach to doing business that holistically integrates responsibility into all aspects of an organization.

19. Social Media for Social Good is the perfect primer for organizations looking to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn through all levels of communications and fundraising.

20. Brand Valued: How Socially Valued Brands Hold the Key to a Sustainable Future and Business Success explores the success of recent “green” campaigns as a means of connecting with, satisfying, and attracting new consumers as just the tip of the iceberg.

21. More Than Promote: a monkeywrencher’s guide to authentic marketing: John Rooks, Founder and President of The SOAP Group introduces a new marketing strategy designed to activate CSR and sustainability through the physical act of marketing.

22. The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win:Responsible companies are increasingly out-performing their peers say authors Jeffrey Hollander and Bill Breen. This book provides a blueprint for creating a sustainable company.

23. The Power Of Unreasonable People, written with Pamela Hartigan, former Managing Director of The Schwab Foundation, this book aims to distil the CSR lessons we have learned to date—and to lay out a manifesto for the future.

24. The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business is a comprehensive book which presents a new, systemic approach to CSR, dubbed ‘CSR 2.0,’ and uses 300 cases to show best and worst practices regarding corporate sustainability and responsibility.

25. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Ethical Approach (Broadview Guides to Business and Professional Ethics) by Mark S. Schwartz lends a cutting-edge approach to the topic of CSR, analyzing many case studies through the lens of his book “Three Domain Approach.”



26. Cone: Cone is a Boston-based strategy and communications agency dedicated to non-profit marketing, corporate responsibility and cause branding.

27. Fenton: An agency that has served the public interest since 1982, Fenton creates powerful issue campaigns that have contributed to some of the most defining change movements of the past 30 years.

28. BBMG: This agency boasts an impressive expertise in sustainability and a crack team of strategists, creatives, and technologists.

29. Barkley: The largest employee-owned independent agency in the U.S., Barkley prides itself on working with some of the most socially responsible businesses in the world.

30. Kelliher Samets Volk (KSV): ‘We build brands people believe in.’ KSV connects people with brands and provides strategy for branding companies’ sustainability initiatives.

31. Edelman: As a leading global PR firm, Edelman’s CSR, Citizenship & Sustainability practice provides counsel to both national and multi-national companies in a variety of sectors around issues management, communications campaigns, CR/sustainability reporting, public affairs and brand and corporate citizenship.

32. Brave One: A communications agency founded by Lukas B. Snelling and Jesse Mayhew, Brave One offers Consulting, Marketing, and Public Relations Services in matters of CSR. We work with both for-profit and non-profit businesses to assure they are optimally communicating their core values.

33. Alden Keene and Associates: A boutique marketing and communications consultancy serving business and non-profits. Their ‘house specialty’ is corporate social responsibility.

34. Impakt: Experts in helping corporations improve their community investment and better align their business and social outcomes.

35. Ryan Partnership: A full-service agency and leading expert in promotion, shopper and digital marketing campaigns for emerging, sustainable brands.

36. Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE): CSE is a global advisory and training organization based in Chicago that provides sustainability solutions.



37. 3BL Media: Your first and best resource for getting your CSR and sustainability message delivered to a mass audience, 3BL Media aides small start-ups to multinational corporations to non-profits in getting their CSR messages distributed across the globe.

38. GreenBiz: GreenBiz’s mission is to provide clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes integrate corporate responsibility into their operations.

39. Sustainable Brands: A community of over 50,000 sustainable business leaders from around the globe providing supporting CSR resources including editorial content, live events, a learning library, and a solutions provider directory.

40. BSR (Business for Social Responsibility): BSR works with its global network of nearly 300 member companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and editorial content.

41. TriplePundit: An innovative new media company for the business community that cultivates awareness and understanding of CSR.

42. Causecast: A fundraising company that helps people invest in projects in their community and around the world.

43. The Guardian Sustainable Business: A leading resource for the latest blogs, debate, opinion, and best practices for corporate sustainability professionals.

44. Mashable Social Good: Mashable is the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media, and technology.

45. The Huffington Post Green: The Internet newspaper for the latest environment and CSR news and opinion.

46. TED: TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading through talks, performances and blogs.

47. CSR International: The incubator for CSR 2.0 solutions and home of corporate sustainability and responsibility professionals’ works.

48. The CSR Digest: The CSR Digest is Malaysia’s pioneer publication in corporate social responsibility and sustainable and responsible investment and development. The online magazine explores corporate behavior in the marketplace.

49. Matter Network: A rich-media network dedicated to creating, aggregating, and syndicating actionable news and information about CSR and sustainability.

50. Mother Nature Network: MNN is a leading resource for daily sustainability news, green commentary, and simple steps to support the planet.

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