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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Sustainable Communities are not easy, here are some tips:

1. Restore the streetcar city 
“Streetcar cities are characterized by easy access to transit, a wide variety of house types, and services and job sites very close at hand -- the exact elements of a sustainable city.”

2. Design an interconnected street system 
“Fine-grain interconnected street networks ensure that all trips are as short as possible, disperse congestion and are compatible with walking, biking and transit.”

3. Locate commercial services, frequent transit and schools within a five-minute walk. 
“The most important walking destinations are the corner store and a transit stop. A minimum gross density of 10 dwelling units per acre is required for this to work. “

4. Locate good jobs close to affordable homes 
“The vast majority of new jobs in the United States and Canada are compatible with complete community districts.”
a variety of housing options enables a more complete community (Stapleton, Denver, by: EPA Smart Growth)

5. Provide a diversity of housing types 
“Communities designed for only one income cannot be complete, and when repeated throughout the region, they add to transportation problems. “

6. Create a linked system of natural areas and parks 
“Keeping our waters clean and our streams and rivers healthy requires a rethinking of urban drainage systems and stream protection policies . . . Far from protecting these systems through restriction, these systems must form the public space armature of new and restored communities.”

7. Invest in lighter, greener, cheaper and smarter infrastructure 
“Exaggerated municipal standards for roads and utilities cost too much to build and maintain, and they destroy watershed function. Smarter, cheaper and greener strategies are required.”

source: Patrick Condon, senior researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Design at the University of British Columbia, new book, Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for the Post Carbon World.

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