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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Sustainability Career Paths: How To Become A Leader

Corporate sustainability leadership positions are becoming more frequent, but as the profession is still in its youth, career paths within the field are unclear to most practitioners. This report, written by Verdantix in partnership with GACSO (Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers), helps sustainability professionals to understand the stepping stones to the top, and helps those looking to enter the profession to understand entry points and how to progress.

With few graduate level positions in corporate sustainability, practitioners face a critical choice on where to develop the skills required to make it to the top. Analysis of career data from GACSO members and public profiles finds two broad, but distinct, paths. Almost a third of current leaders had consulting or NGO positions before gaining corporate roles. Meanwhile a significant portion entered the profession sideways, having moved from senior business roles. The report highlights that executives shaping their career in the sector need to consider the diversity of skills and experience needed to achieve credibility with internal business leaders and external stakeholders alike.

This report is exclusively available to Verdantix clients with research access rights. If you would like to learn more about how you can access Verdantix research please email us at To receive the latest research alerts, complimentary webinar dates and blog posts register for our newsletter.

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