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Fat-cat policy. Fat cats everywhere. KO2's enduro motorbike tour is well into its planning stage but we're continually coming up against walls such as fat cat policies. The fact that a rally car is exempt from importation tax may be our saving grace but right now the situation is that it would infact be cheaper to import the USS (or the Starship!) Enterprise than 10 x 250cc dirtbikes, into Kenya.

Our wish is for these bikes to then be converted to ambulance med-bikes or even media bikes via an organisation called eRanger carrying facilities to educate rural school children. However, before that happens we have to sidestep the $1000's apparently needed to insure against financial failure or against liability. This is all good risk management until you remember we're doing this to pass on any surplus to sustainable development projects and we're not prepared to spend on irrelevant costs, such as derivatives of insurance or import tax. These bikes are going directly to help the Kenyans, therefore we should be allowed exemption. Regarding insurance, all our participants already fully insure themselves against the risks of extreme adventure biking.

AVIF, the main charity, has always been a low-income, low-cost operation and is highly efficient and innovative as a result. We work with peope who survive every day using innovation and efficiency, a bonus of NOT living a fat-cat life.

I'm writing this post to ask if any i-Genii out there can assist us with their expertise in import law and risk management? We would greatly appreciate the offer of pro bono assistance in order that we can simpy help a few people whose concept of risk-management is keeping their children alive. No fat cat.

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