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Rethink your office design and make it more effective

One of the biggest hampering prospects when it comes to productivity in the workplace would be an inadequate working environment.

Whether it’s soul-crushing isles of cubicles that stretch as far as the eye can see or an office in the immediate vicinity of a particularly loud construction site, the place you're working in itself can sometimes have detrimental effects on the fruits of your labor.

Therefore, organizing your workspace is an undertaking that should be paid special attention, as it can mean the difference between scoring highly on the productivity scale and struggling to finish off the last month’s projects.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with some ideas about how you can make the best of the environment you’re working in and how to enhance it so that coming to working becomes something your employees will look forward to.

Right then, let’s see what we've got here, shall we?


How to Redo the Office to Make it a More Pleasant and Productive Work Environment


Identify the Current Troubles


The first step toward refurbishing your office so that it answers to the needs of your workers in the best possible ways would be to determine what is it exactly that bugs them.

The thing is, while no office is really perfect, there are some things you can control and fix, so tuning in to see what's the word around the office would be a good starting point. For example, many people working in desk jobs have a real issue with a lack of privacy.

The fact that their coworkers can see at all times what they are doing on their computers can make them feel tense and not really at ease, so to speak.

Also, the temperature of the room is another thing that many people are dissatisfied with – some prefer a warmer work environment, while some would rather work from a fridge, if possible!

Consult Your Team Members


Once you’ve felt the overall pulse in the office and have shaped up an idea of what needs to be fixed, it’s time you sit down with your colleagues and discuss the concrete steps towards making that new redesign happen.

One of the approaches you should consider is having groups of employees brainstorm their ideal office and then gather all of their suggestions for further review. On the other hand, it would be desirable to also have a sit-down with the people one on one, so that each person can tell you in detail about exactly what they’d like to see a change in the office.

Another idea would be to set up an online poll or a specific e-mail address that the employees with creative ideas can reach you at!


‘Brandify’ Your Offices


While the overall goal is to make the work environment a cozy and relaxing one, you shouldn’t forget to incorporate the company’s identity into your redesign solution.

It is crucial that you do this, as developing awareness in your employees that they’re a part of a larger organization that has its purpose in the real world is bound to increase their motivation and thus – productivity.

For example, you can put up your company’s logo in key areas or paint the walls in your company’s colors. Remember, companies are modern-day battlefields and waving one’s banner is a sure way of boosting the troops’ while out there on the field!

If you think you might need help with this, you can hire a refurbishing company such as Maxam+Co commercial fitout business, for example.


Mind the Lighting


Natural light plays a major role in the human mood. The more we are exposed to sunshine, the better we feel and we are more ready to take on professional challenges.

It’s no wonder that many employees have a problem with the lack of natural light in the workplace. The fact that they have to work while lit by a lamp doesn’t seem to make them particularly happy and what’s more – prolonged exposure to artificial light can damage your vision.

To counter this, you can refurbish your office with larger windows, so that more sunshine penetrates into it. Also, you can move the furniture about so that the desks of your employees are facing those windows instead of the other way around.

This simple hack can massively improve the mood and productivity of your crew, and it doesn’t really cost that much. Unless you have to buy those new windows. (Just moving the furniture is pretty much free.)


Get the Ergonomics Just Right


Ensuring your employees feel comfortable and at ease while in the office should be the primary driving force behind a work environment-bound redesigning effort.

Whether it’s awkwardly-positioned desks, outdated computer hardware, or uncomfortable chairs, an office worker that's uncomfortable in their workplace will surely not be as productive as the one who's content with their surroundings.

To battle this, consider obtaining new chairs, sofas, lazy bags, the lot. Whatever it is that you believe will increase the level of comfort and thus productivity in the workplace should be put up for consideration.

An interesting idea in this department, for example, would be to include some exercise bikes in your office, so that the folks who sit at their desks for eight hours can have some respite every now and then.


Leave Room for Personalization


Last but not least, your brand new work environment should leave some room for customization on the part of your employees.

You can do this by providing them with a small patch so they can decorate to their own liking. This will make them feel truly at home while at work and help them be more creative, hard-working, and ultimately – productive.


All in all, redesigning your office can massively boost workplace productivity once the renovation is completed! Your employees will be happy, you’ll improve your company’s image, and you’ll make it happen together as a team! What’s not to love?


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