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Reinvent Fundraising & Program Management: 2 Mentored Trainings Jan 15

January 15: Two, 6-Month Mentored Nonprofit Training Programs
1. Online Fundraising
2. Program Management, Funding & Impact
Programs are January 15, 2019 - July 15, 2019
Enrollment Deadline: January 15, 2019
Dear Tim  
Are you a self starter?
Join us in these rigorous, certificate programs to learn how to better communicate with donors and to develop and fund winning, impact oriented programs: And earn a Professional Development Certificate.
Attract Donors & Online Donations with your Website & Newsletters.

Nonprofit Online Fundraising Certificate. During this 6-Month Program you will learn how to improve donor communications to both attract new donors to your website and to increase online donations. See the full syllabus.
First Three Months: Campaign Development. This mentored program will be customized for you and your nonprofit. You will focus on a real campaign you want to target for the six-month program period. During that time, we will:
  1. Research who your potential donors are,
  2. assemble background information on your programs in order to instill donor confidence, and
  3. package the information in the presentation format that will best create a call to action: Donate!
Second Three Months: Developing your nonprofit fundraising plan.
  1. We will develop an approachable promotional calendar for your new posts and newsletters.
  2. We'll tune up your blog postings and newsletter to capture donor imagination.
  3. We will make sure your nonprofit donation page is effective and easy to use.
  4. Then we will launch your campaign!
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Reimagine, Reinvent, Ramp-up Nonprofit Successes.

Nonprofit Program Management, Funding & Impact.
What does success mean to nonprofits? Lots of things, but funding success and program success are two of the big ones.
See the Video Overview of the Mentored Program:
Click to See Video on Nonprofit Mentored Program!
In this mentored training we will develop a nonprofit program that will:
  • Engage donors,
  • be able to be efficiently managed,
  • meet your clients' needs,
  • fulfill your nonprofit's mission, and
  • add credibility for future funding opportunities.
In this 6-month program, we will focus on one of your nonprofit programs to increase program impact, improve donor communication and prepare program management tools. You will learn to design a program to attract donor funding and how to manage your program for sustainable impact. See the full syllabus.
First Three Months. In the first three months you will develop a program that fulfills your nonprofit's mission and that includes community input from a participatory needs assessment. You will research solutions to the special challenges in your program in order to refine your program's activities. You will also develop a set of management and presentation documents-such as a budget, logframe and a fact sheet for your donor communications.
  • Conduct a participatory needs assessment.
  • Design a program using best practice, evidence-based activities.
  • Develop program management documents.
Second Three Months. In the second three months you will package your compelling program concept and your donor documents for a donor presentation. You will then identify a potential donor and make an appointment to present it. You will learn how to launch, manage and develop long-term sustainability in your program.
  • Develop presentation for donor communications.
  • Identify donors for your new presentations.
  • Learn how to launch and manage your program.
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One-on-One Mentoring. You and I will work together, one-on-one, for six months on a nonprofit challenge of your choice-and develop a real program that works to solve it. I supply easy to edit templates-which you keep for developing future programs for your organization.
Consider joining us to work one-on-one with us in these mentored programs.
4,021 Participants. Since 2010, we've been very fortunate to have had 4,021 nonprofit professionals enroll in our different training programs. These pros have come from nonprofits and NGOs working in 153 different countries.
Please Contact me directly if you have any questions.
I look forward to working with you.


Tim Magee
Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Development 
Tim Magee is the author of:
A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation, Routledge, Oxford.
The Beginner's Guide to Online Donations
Four Powerful 1st Steps in Designing & Funding Non Profit Projects.

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