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Recharge Your Team: 8 Reasons Why a Recharge Room is a Must-Have

Work stress can take a lot of toll on one’s body and mind, which is why the modern age has come up with a fabulous way to help employees unwind and get a bit of pick-me-up whenever they feel they’ve been working too hard. According to research, when people are too affected by work stress, they become irritable, unable to concentrate, and have difficulty making decisions and thinking logically. That’s why recharge rooms can be of great help. Recharge rooms allow the employees to have the ever-needed break from work and get some energy boost through various means of relaxation and/or entertainment. Depending on the type of recharge room, you can now offer your team a place to take a power nap, play some video games, read, or simply have a snack whilst resting in a peaceful environment that will have various benefits for their productivity, body, mind and soul.

Restore energy levels

One of the reasons you should have a recharge room in your office is because it’ll quickly and easily restore energy levels of every employee. If you, for example, choose to have green carpets, small lighting system, in combination with earthy tones such as beige and brown, your team members will feel at ease every time they walk inside the room. Spending an hour or so in a recharge room will enhance working conditions by allowing your team members to get a much-needed energy boost whenever work starts to take its toll on them. Fill the room with comfortable furniture, greenery, forest sounds, organic materials and an air purifier to promote relaxation and allow the team members to take a nap.

Support one’s way of relaxation

While some people prefer to just do nothing and let their mind wander in order to relax, others enjoy playing games for example. Having a recharge room chock-full of entertainment gadgets will allow your team members to both relax and bond with each other. What’s more, it can be a good way to explore their competitive spirits and see how well they’d work in case of a friendly job-related team competition in the future. A mix of physical and cerebral games will be highly beneficial for your team members, so including a ping pong table along with a variety of board games, jigsaw puzzle and foosball table will certainly make your employees love coming to work knowing that they can have some game fun too.

Avoid mental problems

The modern workplace is packed with people struggling with their mental health. Many employees will bite their nails, have bad posture, sore neck and frazzled minds because their workplace doesn’t include proper relaxation time. Therefore, having a small retreat where one can just go and isolate from work for half an hour or a bit longer will do plenty for your team members’ mental health. They'll actually feel like they have the right to catch a breath, instead of simply working for 8 plus hours with one or too ultra-short breaks.

Relieve tension

Speaking of sore necks and bad posture, aside from affecting mental health, this can also cause a lack of productivity due to so much tension. Therefore, having a wellness room, for example, can help you rid your team members bad back problems for good. Think about installing a relaxing massage chair that can offer just as much relief as a pair of hands of a professional. You’ll feel reborn after allowing the chair to work out all those knots and kinks keeping your body limber and healthy. What’s more, having a 10-minute massage in one of the top-class massage chairs can also relieve the pressure on joints and nerves, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and prevent injuries. If some of the team members have trouble dealing with migraines often, having a massage therapist regularly at the office will have a plethora of benefits.

De-stress in a Zen-like room

When you want to reach a Zen-like state of mind, stay away from the electronic. The modern age forces us to constantly stay connected through our electronic devices, which, in the long run, can wreak havoc on our health. That's why having an electronic-free room can promote relaxation, help you de-stress and boost productivity immensely. Think about having a chill zone where everyone can catch up while having their favourite alcohol-free drinks. Leaving all the devices back on your desk and just disconnecting will be highly beneficial for everyone’s mental health. A Zen-like room can also be perfect for meditation and yoga which are shown to do wonders for one’s mental and physical health.

Increase workplace productivity

One of the best ways to increase productivity is to have all the team members feel energised and motivated. Overworking and not having enough quality sleep will cause poor work performance, so it would be a good idea to have a nap room at the office. Many people feel overwhelmed halfway through their working day, and taking a power nap can significantly boost their energy levels and make them work much better. Instead of having sleep-deprived staff you'll have satisfied and rested team members ready to tackle any challenge that they come across.

Promote learning and development

While for some people playing games or sleeping qualifies as relaxing, for others reading can do the same. That’s precisely why having a bookcase filled with a variety of books can be a good way to promote learning and development in your recharge room. Your employees can improve their skills while taking a break from current deadlines. Pick up different skill-based books and allow your employees to constantly work on their development, even during office hours.

Offer employees the needed pick-me-up

One of the best reasons to have a recharge room in your office is because it can offer your team members an instant energy boost. Sometimes all we need is a snack bar and a cup of coffee to make all our worries go away. Therefore, having a snack bar in the middle of your recharge room can be of great use. Not only will you offer your team members free healthy food, but also the much-needed pick-me-up that they crave for in order to stay on top of their work game. They will feel more engaged, creative and much happier while snacking and interacting with each other away from their desks. Choose from a variety of healthy food options such as granola, bananas, jerky, protein bars, baby carrots and other veggies, freshly squeezed juice and a variety of fruits. Stock the bar and watch your team members enjoy coming to work every day.

Final thoughts

Keeping your team members happy and glad to come to work is the only way to have a productive crew in your office. One of the best ways to keep them cheer and productive is to allow them to catch some breath and relax in the recharge room. Therefore, think about the best ways to design the recharge room in your office and start setting it up now. Whether you opt for a spa room, a game room, or maybe a snack-bar room, your employees will love the fact that they get some time to unwind in the middle of the stressful working day.

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