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You can make a difference and help turn poverty into prosperity.....come and visit our show, see the creativity and beauty the comes from master artisans in developing countries and learn about what we do

Brandaid Project`s Masks and Mirrors

September 13 - 26, 10 am - 6 pm
DVF Gallery
444 W. 14th Street
New York

Founded by three Canadians and an American, Brandaid Project ( is a solution to global poverty that combines design, branding, and marketing to grow artisan businesses across the developing world. Brandaid Project identifies unique communities working with organizations such as UNESCO and partners directly with the artisans to create authentic works of art for the fashion and home décor markets. Brandaid Project shares profits with artisans and invests in programs that improve living and working conditions in artisan communities. On view at the Diane Von Furstenberg Gallery is an exhibition of Brandaid-supported work featuring Haitian master artisan collections from Croix des Boquets and Carnival Jakmèl. Exhibit sales of the artwork benefit Brandaid Project and the artisans of Haiti.

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