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Online Fundraising: THE 3 Mandatory Tools for Beginners

Online Fundraising: THE 3 Mandatory Tools for Beginners

eBook. Complete Beginner's Guide to Increasing Online Donations
Increase Online Donations with Your Website, Newsletter, AdWords Ads
Complementary access in 14 weekly installments.
CSDi is releasing a new nonprofit book on online fundraising in September. We're offering a full preview in 14, weekly, action-oriented chapters.

The book is for people who are new to online fundraising-or who want to increase their level of online donations. The chapters present a simple, step by step progression showing how to increase donations.
What you will Do. Skills you will Learn.
Simply follow the 14 weekly chapters to get these three important online fundraising tech tools up and running:
Part 1. Your Web Presence. Create a modern, effective website that will call supporters to action to make a donation, volunteer, or subscribe.
Part 2. Digital Marketing and Communications. Connect with donors through a campaign of email newsletters and targeted web pages.
Part 3. A Google AdWords Grant. Apply for a $10k/mo AdWords grant that will send high potential new subscribers, donors and volunteers straight to your nonprofit's website.
Making Tech Tools Accessible to Beginners
This book is written for tech beginners who want to learn how to better use simple funding tools. All technical concepts are presented in easy to grasp, jargon-free language, one simple step at a time.
So: Are you relatively new to working on websites? Online fundraising? Writing and sending engaging emails? Writing AdWords campaigns?
Then: I have good news. Today's website platforms, email providers and Google's AdWords program all have simple points of entry for beginners: This book will show you how to access them.

Read this week's first chapter to see how the step-by-step process works and to get started right away:

Here is a quick snapshot of the chapters. You can also click here for the full detailed syllabus where you can see the complete step-by-step process.
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Increasing Online Donations

Ch. 1: Setting Up Your New Website: registering a name, web site services.
Ch. 2: Website Layout: simple page navigation, make it mobile friendly.
Furnishing Your New Website
Ch. 3: Branding: adding a logo, creating new pages, adding content.
Ch. 4: Adding volunteer and subscription forms, collecting donations.
Simple Landing Pages. Simple SEO
Ch. 5: Landing pages that convert visitors to donors. Keywords.
Ch. 6: On board SEO tools, site maps, keyword placement. Publish, promote, and earn links to your pages.
Marketing & Communications
Ch. 7: Your support goals, target market, your brand.
Ch. 8: Communications calendar, communications channels.
Email Lists and Email Newsletters
Ch. 9: Capture new subscribers, installing pop-ups, offers.
Ch. 10: Romance subscribers: subject lines, the best email format, click-through buttons, launch a new compelling email campaign.
How to Apply for an AdWords Ad Grant
Ch. 11: Grant requirements, apply for an AdWords grant.
Ch. 12: Grant Success! Campaign structure, keywords, compelling ads.
Managing and Optimizing your AdWords Account
Ch. 13: Your first ad campaign: Connect keywords to your landing page with simple on-page SEO. Launch: Watch visitors grow.
Ch. 14: AdWords settings & extras, performance statistics, what to optimize, what to delete.
We look forward to your insights and comments!
Tim Magee
Executive Director
Center for Sustainable Development

Tim Magee is the author of:
A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation, Routledge, Oxford.
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Online Donations. September 2016.

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