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Nonprofit Training and Mentoring to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

January Start for 3, 6-Month Mentored Training Programs

Fundraising | Marketing & Communications | Advanced Project Management

Enrollment Deadline: January 10, 2018

Programs are January 10, 2018 - June 30, 2018


Are you a self starter?

Join us in these rigorous, certificate programs to learn how to better communicate with donors and to develop and fund winning, impact oriented projects: And earn a Professional Development Certificate.


Program 1:  Nonprofit Online Fundraising Certificate. During this 6-Month Program you will learn how to improve donor communications to both attract new donors to your website and to increase online donations. See the full syllabus.


Program 2: Nonprofit Communications Certificate. You will identify a goal-oriented campaign to develop during the program for your organization's growth. The program provides cutting-edge information, weekly, downloadable tool kits, and expert consultancy-and leads you in launching a communication plan for your organization. See the full syllabus.


Program 3: Advanced Project Design for Project Funding & Sustainable Impact. In this Advanced Project Design training program, we will focus on one of your nonprofit projects to increase program impact, improve donor communication and prepare project management tools. You will learn to design fundable, nonprofit projects to attract donor funding and how to manage your projects for sustainable impact. See the full syllabus.


Learn more about these mentored certificate programs & the simp...


Training is great-but it's not enough. What I enjoy more is this blended consulting and mentoring program where we take training one step further.


One-on-One Mentoring. You and I will work together, one-on-one, for six months on a communications/fundraising/project challenge of your choice-and develop a real program that works to solve it. I supply easy to edit templates-which you keep for developing future projects for your organization.


So these programs are a combination of training, advising, and consulting. I will provide an experienced set of eyes and concrete feedback on your work. I will also show you tricks for working smarter and faster during the process.


The step by step process. The program is designed in a progression where each weekly module represents one sequential step for you to take in your course project. Each assignment has real tools for you to download, print out, edit, and use as templates over and over again in launching new initiatives.

Consider joining us in January to work one-on-one with us in these mentored programs.


4,021 Participants. Since 2010, we've been very fortunate to have had 4,021 nonprofit professionals enroll in our different training programs. These pros have come from nonprofits and NGOs working in 153 different countries.


Learn more about these mentored certificate programs & the simp...


Contact us with questions.


I look forward to working with you.


Tim Magee
Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Development 


Tim Magee is the author of:
A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation, Routledge, Oxford.
The Beginner's Guide to Online Donations.



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