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John G. Ruggie-- "The Past as Prologue? A Moment of Truth for UN Business and Human Rights Treaty"

I have been considering the recent moves by the Human Rights Council to begin considering a treaty  to replace/amplify/substitute/supersede the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights that the HRC has itself only recently and unanimously endorsed.  See Larry Catá Backer, And a Treaty to Bind them All—On Prospects and Obstacles to Moving ... Law at the End of the Day, July 3, 2014.
It is in this context that the insights of John Ruggie may be especially important.  John G. Ruggie, is the chair of the Institute for Human Rights and Business International Advisory Board, and is the Berthold Beitz Professor in Human Rights and International Affairs ... and Affiliated Professor in International Legal Studies at Harvard Law School. From 2005-2011 he served as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Business and Huma... (and HERE). In June 2014 he received the Harry LeRoy Jones Award of the Washington Foreign Law Society, honoring “an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and application of international law.” 
His most recent essay on the move toward a treaty framework for business and human rights, The Past as Prologue? A Moment of Truth for UN Business and Human Rights Treaty, is set out below.
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