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Intel's Reflection on Winning CECP's Excellence Award

All of us at Intel were humbled to receive the Chairman’s Award from CECP in June of this year. We were proud and pleased to know that our colleagues in CECP recognized our efforts, but of course were also delighted to be able to make our employees proud, and then to be able to build on the award and the credibility of CECP in our conversations with potential collaborators here and around the world.
Since we received the award, the Intel Teach program, which we highlighted in our application, has continued to grow and thrive. Globally, the program has now reached more than 8 million teachers in over 60 countries – up from 7 million just a year ago when we submitted our application. Here in the US it has been adopted by a number of states as part of broader public-private partnerships, including some involving the federal grants programs such as i3 (Investing in Innovation).
I certainly encourage any of you who are considering doing so to apply for the 2011 awards. We found the process of writing the application to be very useful in helping us to continue to develop our programs and measure their impact. This has made us more articulate about the overall value of our philanthropic efforts when we talk to our internal stakeholders, as well as in our external presentations and discussions with potential collaborators - whether governments, NGO’s, corporations and foundations, or multi-laterals such as the World Bank and UNESCO.
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CECP's Excellence Awards in Corporate Philanthropy are among the most coveted awards in the field, drawing an extraordinary pool of applications each year. Presented annually since 2000, these awards are juried by an external Selection Committee that is comprised of representatives from the corporate, nonprofit, government, social investment, foundation, and academic communities. There are two award categories for corporate applicants, and one award category for nonprofit organizations to apply in conjunction with their corporate partner. CECP is currently accepting applications for the 11th annual Excellence Awards. Applications are due on December 1, 2010, at 11:59 PM EST.
Excellence Awards Background and Award Categories
Excellence Awards Applications
Webinar Recording: "What Makes a Winning Excellence Awards Application"
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