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Modern cars come equipped with an on-board computer that feeds the driver with precious information, from parking sensors to weather forecasting. However, motorists can also rely on their smartphones for extra features that promise to make driving both safer and more exciting. Here is a shortlist of such apps, that you should use exclusively when the car isn’t moving or when you have a wireless headset on.

The smartest passenger

Do you rely on the advice that your passengers give you about traffic? Humans aren’t that reliable when it comes to perceiving reality, especially at high speeds when the driver has to make a split-second decision. Luckily, there are countless apps to download that will literally act as the smartest passenger you’ve ever had in your car. 

Apart from the usual features such as collision warning, parking sensors, and tailgating alerts, modern apps come with a parking lot locator. It can tell you which parking lots nearby have empty spots and help you navigate towards them something a human passenger could never be able to.

Snapshots of bad drivers

More and more vehicles have dash cams mounted behind the windshield. As you might have watched on the Internet, these record funny situations from across the globe but with the help of an app, they can actually record traffic violations.

Just like a webcam sensor is triggered by motion, so do dash cams turn on when they notice a bad driver in front of you. Novel software packages enable the camera to recognize when someone is speeding or veering off course, so they immediately start recording in case of a collision.

Driving analytics

When professional race drivers want to improve their performance, they study the data collected from previous races and training sessions. Nowadays, the average Joe has the same ability given to them by smart apps that track various driving parameters.

From fuel consumption to evaluating the routes you take, a driving analytics app will grade your performance as a driver and give you suggestions in which areas there is room for improvement. Since the number of cars (and car crashes, unfortunately) is on the rise, learning to steer better is highly desirable.

A digital itinerary

When was the last time you changed engine oil in your car or when was the last time you used car washing services to wash your beloved four-wheeler? Don’t stress too much if you can’t remember, as there are apps for smartphones that will to the memorizing and reminding for you.

There are so many elements on your car that need regular maintenance, that you are bound to forget at least one appointment with the mechanic. A car detailing services app allows you to specify what needs to be done on your car and the rest is up to professionals in the field.

Easier navigation

Once you are confident your car is in working condition, you can drive it anywhere you want, if you know the road to that place. Well, modern navigational apps know the road to almost every popular destination on the planet, so you needn’t remember the route.

Modern apps not only show you the fastest route to take but they tell you where to go. Voice navigation is nothing new but you can use your smartphone as a replacement for the on-board computer if it malfunctions.

Turn-by-turn navigation is ideal for getting through dense traffic in urban areas. Add a hands-free feature and voice recognition allowing you to speak your destination instead of typing it, and the road gets much safer.

Saving gas money

Gas prices in the global market are constantly fluctuating, so it’s hard to keep track of which gas station is the cheapest. With an app that tracks gas prices by collecting data from websites of gas distribution companies, you will always know where the cheapest gas it. If you turn your location on, the app can also tell you where the closest gas station is and how much to expect to be charged for a full tank.

Shopping for a new car

The final type of apps you want to consult if you’re a car enthusiast are online stores. There comes a time when you want a new set of wheels but there is no need to visit a dealership as you did in the past.

Today, manufacturers and dealers have virtual showrooms where you can customize your car and then have it delivered to your home address. What is more, you can design and order a new car using an app that is also populated with info on new car models, changes in prices, and features various brands offer. Using all this info, you are bound to make the right choice the first time around. 

Car maintenance has never been easier with the help of various apps. Apart from reminding you when the right time to see your mechanic is, they can help you improve your driving skills and help you navigate through the toughest of terrains (yes, we refer to inner-city driving). 

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