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IBLF delivers keynote on social innovation at Toronto summit

Ros Tennyson, Senior Partnerships Advisor at theInternational Business Leaders Forum, recently delivered an exciting keynote address at Ontario's first Summit on Social Innovation. Her presentation involved making the links between social innovation, collaboration as a mechanism for scaling up social change, and the necessity of good process management to make sure partnerships reach ambitious goals.

Watch a full video of it here.

To access the webinar and download the presentation click here.

The 'Building Partnerships for Social Change' summit in Toronto was presented by three ministries of the Government of Ontario that are dedicated to promoting open communication with Ontarians and finding new ways to bring about social change.

IBLF's presentation was highly well-received, and a series of indepth questions led to an increasing clarity about partnership as a mechanism for social change and partnership brokers as social innovator. As a follow up, Ros conducted a webinar on the art and science of cross-sector partnering, hosted by Social Innovation generation and part of their Inspiring Action for Social Impact series.

Ros said:

"Speaking at the Summit was a great opportunity to explore how many connections exist. One is the obvious fact that collaboration / partnership is at the heart of the ability to develop and implement social innovation. The other was a bit of an 'ah ha' moment for me! Namely that partnership brokers are also invariably social innovators in the way they facilitate change and move those involved beyond 'business as usual' "


To find out about IBLF's partnering work, visit The Partnering Initiative.

To explore what a 'partnership broker' is, visit The Partnership Brokers website.



Shivvy Jervis, Multimedia Editor

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