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The break room in many companies often gets neglected. Big mistake, as it is supposed to provide employees' physical and mental break from the stress they are exposed to at work. You don't have to go broke with fancy features in the break room, but you better focus on the essentials that will be most effective. If you dedicate some time to equipping this room, you'll notice a positive change in your employees almost instantly. In the long run, it will improve their effectiveness and satisfaction because they'll have a room truly made for their relaxation and recharging. take these suggestions into consideration.

1. The design

The aim of the break room is to make the employees feel like they are not at work. So, you shouldn't use the same style and colors as in the rest of the office. Make it completely different. Let the walls be in a bright, vibrant color, as well as the furniture. Buy plenty of chairs and a couple of tables that can be easily moved. That will encourage mingling. You can also add a bulletin board for positive announcements around the office.

2. The decorations

The tables and walls don't have to be bare and boring. Decorate them with motivational messages and funny posters. The room needs to be interesting in order to keep the employees' minds away from work for a while. Forget about a poster that states your employees' rights. There shouldn't be any sign of work-related features in the break room. Whatever you think could make your employees smile - put it in this room.

3. Healthy food options

Taking care of your employees' diet will really speak a lot at your advantage. This is not too much of a trouble and yet it means a lot. This could be an extra perk of the job you provide to your workers. Just one healthy snack could really make a worker more productive and energetic. The usual sweets only produce a sudden boost of insulin that drops down quickly and only makes the person feel more tired. By providing your workers with a healthy snack, you'll prevent a mid-afternoon drop in energy and motivation. Fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts and yoghurt don't cost much and may mean a lot.

4. Free coffee

Another great perk of working for you could be free coffee. It is there in every workplace for a reason. And it also should be available in the break room, along with the extras like stirrers, cream, sugar and cups. Make it a little tradition - employees enjoy gathering for a little chat and drinking coffee. Having coffee available at any moment really means a lot for your employees' productivity. Caffeine improves focus, increases the attention span and boosts mental activity. The great thing about coffee is that it isn't expensive to get. You just need to offer a wide choice of coffee - many companies like Blue Pod have various coffee machines that cover everybody's taste.

5. Comfortable seating

There should be enough chairs for everybody, but you won't do much if they are uncomfortable. Having cozy seating may cost you a bit more but will actually serve the purpose - it will relax your employees. Since the break room is more than just a room where you can eat your lunch, you could include a sofa or two if anybody feels the need to lie down for a bit. In the long run, it would really mean a lot to the employees.

6. The view

If possible, place the break room in a space with a large window, or even better - a balcony. The natural scenery that can be viewed from the inside really means a lot. It makes the workers feel they are not stuck between 4 walls. They need to keep in touch with the nature and the outside world. If the view from the window is boring or bad, then add pictures of nature in it to make up for the lack of it outside.

7.  Celebrations

The break room should be big enough to host celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas party or successfully finishing a project. It will show your employees they are appreciated. It will also help the break room be associated with positive feelings and memories. So, every time they walk into the break room, they will experience a different atmosphere. Try to honor every employee and have a party for them in the break room at least once a year.

All in all

As you can see, the break room is so much more than just a place where your workers can eat in peace. It should be a place for relaxation, casual socializing and entertainment. With only a couple of tricks and elements, you can really turn it into the favorite room at work and boost your employees' productivity and happiness.

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