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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

How to engage management to go beyond compliance in procurement sustainability

Would you like to engage your management to go beyond compliance in Procurement sustainability?

- But looking for the arguments?

Then you need to look no further. In this blogpost I will share with you the arguments you need in order to convince your management team.

You have to decide what your brand stands for
Every successful brand has managed to communicate its company’s core beliefs and attitudes—what the company stands for. Brands allow you to clearly define and communicate what you stand for, whether you’re the “lowest-cost provider,” the “most innovative,” the “best total solution,” the “preferred choice” and so on.

But you’ve got to decide what your brand stands for, and communicate that value proposition effectively and repeatedly. You’ve got to let everyone know what sets you apart from the pack.

Check out the blog post right here.

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