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How to Design a Modern Medical Practice in 2020

Although all medical practices function in a similar way, the facilities they are located in should constantly be updated in terms of design. Nowadays, the more modern a hospital or a clinic is, the better the service and treatment it provides to its patients. For this reason, whether you are building a structure for a new medical office or you are renovation your decade-old clinic, design and organization will play a pivotal role. 

Hiring staff

The very fabric of any medical facility is the staff that works there, from the janitor to the executive manager. Essentially, staff can make or break your practice so look to hire or rehire people who are efficient but not assertive. Have great customer skills (ideal for the reception desk), professional, motivated, experienced, etc.

Of course, the workers you hire should be professionals but they shouldn’t overprice their services. Try to find the perfect balance between seasoned practitioners and doctors fresh out of medical school. Not only will such a structure of the employees stimulates the learning process but it will balance the salary cap.

Taking care of the finances

Just like medical equipment, there are many financial products offered by banks that your medical practice can make use of. You can use a loan or a grant to finance everything from IT equipment and support, all the way to doctors’ salaries.

When it comes to long-term loans, make sure you pay most of them within a couple of years because you are not sure whether your business will be a success. That’s why it’s better to found a startup and then try to fight your way to new clients.

Furthermore, all the invoices and installments you agree with the bank should include all the costa so there are no hidden fees. Also, don’t take out any equipment in the first bank you discover. Ask around for loans so you can find or even better, be offered a better deal.

Fitout the practice

Once you have secured funds for renovating your business in 2020, it’s time to execute the fitout itself. There are many companies such as Konnect Health which fit out various medical practices, fro, dental clinics to specialists’ rooms. If you bring in the pros, you can count on their experience and expertise to build an office of your dreams. In most cases, a professional fitout implies an end-to-end solution that is housed under a single roof.

Invest in a marketing strategy

Even if you manage to build the best possible medical center with excellent staff, people won’t be in particular keen to come to a medical facility. That’s why you should make the effort and money to invest in marketing and create a long-term strategy to attract patients in the years to come.

Attracting people to a coffee house or a travel agency is different than branding a hospital. First, you should design an appropriate logo that will symbolize your institution. Next, print this logo on everything imaginable, from employees’ mugs to patients’ bedsheets, to give out a feeling of authority. It might seem insignificant but a well-designed modern logo will attract new clients and what is more important, the logo will make patients trust everybody at the center.

Further on, you should invest in creating a suitable online presence. By this, we imply launching a website and establishing a presence on social media. Apart from the info patients can find on the website, here should be several contact forms so your medical and non-medical staff can answer the patients' inquiries promptly.  In 2020, we will see many new doctor-patient apps appear so make sure you keep track of these, pun intended.

Finally, you should add a face to your practice. Unlike other industries where a PR manager is an essential member of staff, a typical dental clinic or some other kind of medical practice, should use the doctors employed there as promoters. If a patient knows that they have a go-to person in vivo and in the ads, they will feel more secure.

The quality of service

Once you have designed a modern medical office and hired professionals to work in it, it’s time to bring the service to perfection. The overall service your patients get is provided by both the medical and non-medical staff.

As far as doctors are concerned, most patients appreciate if their physicians have a close relationship with them. In most cases, this merely implies looking the patient in the eye or simply shaking their hand.  As far as receptionists are concerned, a smiling face should greet every patient that goes through the front door. 

In 2020, a modern medical practice should combine great design, state of the art equipment, and professional staff in order to provide the best service possible. Once the word of your clinic spreads, you will see an influx of patients who wish to find a cure for their respective ailments at your medical facility.

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