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How is the Oil and Gas Industry Tackling Sustainability Issues

The oil and gas industry has never belonged to the green and eco-friendly category. Terms such as sustainability and environmental care probably won’t come to your mind when you talk about oil companies. However, modern companies are aware of the importance of eco-friendly practices. They recognized the need for sustainable business models, which helps both the environment and their own industry. Let’s see how the oil and gas industry tackles sustainability issues. 

Less methane and oil leaks

One of the hardest but most important goals of the oil industry is minimizing methane leaks. Methane has a leading role in climate change and air pollution. And that’s the main reason why every company that strives to be eco-friendly has to find a way of dealing with this issue. Using modern technologies and equipment to the maximum potential can be very beneficial in fighting methane leaks. Besides that, companies that use those emerging technologies are also minimizing breakdowns, oil spills and other similar issues. Also, there are micro refineries, which companies use to transform waste oil into diesel fuel. By doing that, companies are killing two birds with one stone.

Usage of wooden mats

Wooden mats are changing the “classic” practice of drilling sites development. Those sites usually affected nature negatively because of excessive roads that destroy the local ecosystem. That trend is slowly changing, fortunately. There are many oil companies using mats nowadays, which are made out of wood. The most significant advantage of these mats is their practicality. Once companies finish their operations, mats can be dismantled and installed at any other location. Hence, wooden mats are great for protecting the ecosystem and providing stable work conditions for the crew. 

Water recycling and reducing the usage of freshwater

All processes related to oil and gas companies require a lot of freshwater every day. Both fracking and element separation need water to separate oil from other elements in oil sands. And these processes happen quite often. However, in the modern oil and gas business, companies are continually improving their recycling processes. On top of that, those businesses that are the most innovative are trying to find even better ways than recycling. Reducing freshwater usage from the start is always a better idea, and fortunately, with the appropriate oilfield equipment, companies can do miracles nowadays. Two of the best ways to reduce freshwater usage is to eliminate contamination and improve filtration through water treatment solutions.

Implementing renewable energy

Many companies are nowadays investing in the renewable energy market, and it has become prevalent. Oil and gas businesses are present there as well. Even though there is a long-term goal in terms of gain, it is still a very positive fact since those investments will further develop and grow many renewable energy sources. Solar is the leading force, and many professionals expect that this trend will only grow in the future. It has the potential to become the primary energy source, and that’s why oil companies with long-term goals tend to make investments in such renewable energy.

Digital oilfields

Digitalization is affecting every industry, gas and oil included. In this business, it allows the creation of so-called digital oilfields – a process which is becoming more and more popular. What is it all about? With the usage of modern cloud technologies and data, those digital oilfields allow companies to monitor and analyze all their operational data in real-time. With such help, companies can make safe and sustainable, eco-friendly decisions.

Going paperless

Many companies in different industries are switching from paper to electronic systems. Such a move is eco-friendly since it saves trees, but it is also saving a lot of time for businesses. You won’t need to file a bunch of papers and risk a fatal human error happening. Every eco-friendly oil and gas company should adopt this way of doing business. There are multiple modern applications which offer advanced solutions. However, if you still have to use paper in your company, at least try to minimize its usage. Go digital wherever you can.

The oil and gas industry is in the process of enormous transformation, mostly because an increasingly eco-friendly world requires it. Even though some areas of this business will remain unfriendly to nature, we should still appreciate every additional step towards building a more sustainable model.

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