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How Growing Cities Become Vicious to Sustainable Development - Conservation Psychology

How Growing Cities Become Vicious to Sustainable Development - Conservation Psychology
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Conservation has a difficult relationship with population in big cities of today’s World on one hand; and desperate rural mass of the World and their growing need for basic demand for housing, water and food on the other hand. City life despite of inherent risk, decease, and dangers has tendency to attract rural mass that contribute to over crowd, higher cost of living and major environmental hazards.

Crowded cities, higher cost of living, and modern lifestyles, technical skills push rural mass farther away from nature, traditional lifestyle and natural habitat. Reluctant Governments and Non Government Organizations struggle to provide life skills to the masses while putting conservation to deep sleep.

"Main environmental and social impacts of buildings and construction
Raw material extraction and consumption; related resource depletion
Land use change, including clearing of existing flora
Noise pollution
Energy use and associated emissions of
Greenhouse gases
Other indoor and outdoor emissions
Aesthetic degradation
Water use and wastewater generation
Increased transport needs (depending on siting)
Various effects of transport of building materials,
Locally and globally
Waste generation
Opportunities for corruption
Disruption of communities, including through
Inappropriate design and materials
Health risks on worksites and for building occupants
Particularly the “Kyoto gases”: CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs,PFCs and SF6"
Source Pg. 6 UNEP Industry and Environment April – September 2003

Business organizations’ and Governments alike addicted to International funding on the pretext of sustainable development- in reality have become defunct, and only provide lip service. Evidently, schemes and efforts to employ rural mass fall short, people scorch out to expanding urban areas pursuing life and alternative employment.

Helplessly, Government and Non Government Organizations draw schemes for exploiting urban and rural resources for major industrial and scientific developments that further contribute to environmental pollution and exhaustion of natural resources.

Today conservation adversely related to industrialization, urbanisation and globalization, some feel that slowdown of economy and population only has the answers for conservation.

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