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How Changes in Immigration Can Impact Future Worker Shortages And What Can You Do To Stay Ahead

The problem of shortage of skilled workers has faced the industrial world for a while now. One of the solutions to the problem was hiring immigrant workers who can’t find work in their own country. Of course, for this to be possible, all sorts of laws needed and still need to be abided to. That being said, times change. The changes in immigration can greatly impact the way you run your business unless you stay up to date and plan accordingly.

1. Wage growth

The shortage of workers can be felt across many industries. Because of the labour supply issue, an overall GDP struggle for growth can be felt. There is simply an imbalance of talent across the industries. This, of course, leads us to another issue that may impact all future jobs. We’re talking about wage growth.

Traditionally, wage growth hasn’t really responded to the supply limitations. Instead, we’ve been following a steady growth since 2009. In fact, that growth can still be felt today. We can safely say that there has been a lot of factors influencing the numbers between which the wage ranges, but the use of overseas workers has definitely had an impact.

2. Shortage lists

Shortage lists are basically lists of occupations which are experiencing the issue of the lack of skilled workers. Some of these lists can be constructed based on detailed analysis, while others are just a product of collecting information and qualitative evidence. If your occupation is on the list, it may very well mean that you’ll have to run business a little bit differently.

For example, in the UK, firms which are under the occupations on the shortage list don’t have the obligation to advertise work positions to locals. This increases your chances of finding skilled workers abroad, without having to worry about the law of advertising. Being on the shortage list also means that, for someone to get a work visa, they must have a direct job offer. So, people can’t come in and start working unless you hire them first or at least offer them the job.

3. The paperwork

According to what you may have heard and read, the paperwork is going to be hell. It’s not easy transitioning a potential worker from their home country to their work country. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration. What you have to realize is that you’re not an expert. No matter how informed you think you might be, the law of every country is very specific, and so is the case with Australia.

This is why you should consider hiring trusted professionals like Withstand immigration Lawyers. They’ll be able to answer all of your questions regarding the paperwork and help you with everything- including the fine print. By trusting someone who’s already familiar with what needs to be done, you’re not leaving anything up to chance. In other words, you’re ensuring nothing will stop your future employee from working for you.

4. What to expect in the future

Talent and business planners face the same issues all around the world. The matter of the fact is that there is clearly some sort of collision between the wages and scarcity of talent. This is the main reason for hiring immigrant workers. Not only does that import the needed talent but it also saves costs for many companies and organizations.

In this respect, we can expect efficiency and the control of cost to remain priorities in the years to come. Of course, we can also assume that the competition will be tighter. After all, when there are so few skilled workers to come by, you’ll have to do almost anything to be the one to hire them.

This means that organizations and firms will probably start offering more benefits and higher wages, as much as cost control allows, though. We can also expect some interesting strategies to get people to work for them and, due to shortage lists, less advertising but more actual job offers.


As you can see, there is a lot you need to know if you want to stay ahead. With the right information and the right cards on the table, your business doesn’t have to suffer. The key to staying ahead in any line of work is to keep up with the latest trends and not be afraid of innovation. As well as that, you need to adjust your business to what’s going on around you accordingly.

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