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BostonIt’s tough to read the headlines about the Boston bombings without feeling a blend of outrage, despair and resolve.  The attack fell on Patriots’ Day, a holiday commemorating the Battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, the opening salvo of the American Revolution.  Patriots’ Day is a unique observance celebrated almost exclusively by the state of Massachusetts, but today is Patriots’ Day for the rest of the country.  We all stand united with Boston, offering our hearts...and tears.

As you know if you follow this blog, Causecast creates disaster relief campaigns to help companies mobilize their assistance to those in need.  Our ready-made campaigns help businesses quickly engage their corporate employees to support victims of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and beyond.  

But Boston wasn’t a disaster; it was a tragedy.

While we won’t be issuing a formal corporate disaster relief campaign in this instance, we encourage you to seek out ways to help.

  • Red Cross

The Red Cross of Massachusetts has indicated that they have enough blood right now, but they may be looking for donations soon.  Stay tuned to @RedCross for more updates.  

Register or search their Safe and Well Website to find loved ones or register your status if you were affected by the bombing. 

  • Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has deployed canteen trucks to the Boston area to provide food.  According to one of their spokespeople, “As of this morning, 1,729 meals, drinks were supplied to the victims, the families and first responders. The runners, their families, and the first responders also received emotional and spiritual care from 12 Salvation Army officers and 23 Salvation Army staff volunteers. Eight Salvation Army officers were deployed to various hospitals throughout the Boston area offering pastoral care as needed." 

Donate to the Salvation Army.

  • Boston Children's Hospital

Some pediatric victims were taken to the Boston Children’s Hospital.  The Children's Hospital website also has useful resources for guidance on how to talk to children after a tragedy.

Follow @BostonChildrens on Twitter for updates and donate to the Boston  Children’s Hospital.

  • Follow #BostonHelp

This hashtag has been established to steer volunteers towards specific ways that they can help. Stay tuned and step up.

If you wish to leverage your company’s Causecast Community Impact Platform to fundraise or volunteer for any of the organizations above, contact your corporate philanthropy manager right away.

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