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Honest 3I love seeing companies get creative with giving back.  As a matter of fact, I make it a point to talk to as many CSR leaders as I can to learn how they’re embracing the full potential of their employees to create profound impact in their communities.  The stories are always so inspiring, and I usually discover new ways that businesses are prioritizing employee volunteer and giving programs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Secret to Making Community Impact Stories Stick - Do your community impact stories stick...or slide away? If you want stickiness - and you should - remember one basic rule. (The Honest Company did.)

3 Ways to Fire Up Your Company's Volunteering Spirit How can companies ignite community engagement and increase employee engagement at the same time?  Comcast has some ideas.

The Crazy Paths Toward Community Impact - The day after Hurricane Katrina, Hancock Bank began redefining corporate philanthropy.

Community Impact is the Hottest Fashion for Employee Engagement Employee engagement is difficult anywhere, but especially in retail. Kohl's has a solution that works - create a culture of giving back.

Priceless: PwC Volunteers Bring Financial Literacy to the Masses - So many of us are financially illiterate.  How can corporate philanthropy help?  PwC knows.

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