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‘Glocal’ – what does it mean to you?

I attended an event the other day and a speaker said something which I barely caught at the time, but which has stayed with me since. He mentioned that his organization was increasingly valuing the word ‘glocal’, which is a combination of global and local. At the time, I believe my thinking was close to ‘come on, give me a break.’

However, the more I turn it over in my mind, the more it grows on me.

It incorporates the reality of our global village, where globalization is a reality, regardless if we like it or not. (Personally, I view globalization as a dynamic, a neutral, a tool, its value depends on how it is being used and applied. There is great potential for good or negative affects).

There is also increasingly understanding that the units of organization that exist for us in today’s society: particularly states, provinces, and countries, are not logical, logic constructions for identity and community. We are more valuing our local community, our region (however defined), and the world.

When doing business (including non-profits that conduct their affairs), our target markets and sales don’t fall into neat zip code divisions. Such thinking impacts how we organize our undertakings – whether it is sales, operations, client outreach, or what have you.

What do you think?

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Comment by Dan Johnson on July 1, 2009 at 7:35am
Yeah, the "think globally, act locally" catch phrase. While I do find a lot of these catch phrases a little on the corny side, I do think the underlying message is a good one. Given how interconnected we are these days, it really makes no difference what continent you live on, your actions have an impact around the world. I guess the message is that if we all were to make small changes in our local environment, the impact felt globally would be huge.


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