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Famous Eco-Beauty Product Lines Now Available In Canada

Canadian women no longer need to rely on chemical-heavy products for their beauty needs. ZOLD proudly presents Green Energy Organics, a company dedicated to unravel the secrets of smooth hair and younger-looking skin through eco-friendly, sustainable products.

The Green Energy Organics hair and skin care lines only contain pure, natural organic elements. Every ingredient is screened to ensure it offers no health or environmental implications, and the company’s products contain no artificial ingredients, no animal products, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no artificial light protection filters, no paraffin and no surfactants, and are never tested on animals.

Considering the whole product life cycle, Green Energy Organics products are created placing great importance on environmentally-friendly processes and packaging, without compromising the product’s quality. Harnessing potent active organic ingredients available in nature, Green Energy Organics products originate either from the company’s gardens or through partnerships with local farmers, helping them convert their conventional farms into sustainable, organic agriculture.

Created in 1990, Green Energy Organics has been featured in popular publications such as Elle and Grazia magazines. "I really love how soft it makes my skin”, says Sharell, a Green Energy Organics enthusiast. “I use the products before I go to bed and I notice that my face is glowing in the mornings. I feel confident in going throughout my day without makeup!"

Available in Canada through ZOLD Eco-Sales Agency, Green Energy Organics offers skin, body, hair and sun care lines for women, men and babies.

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