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Engagement: What Does it Mean to You and Your Organization?

Plenary Session 3
Engagement: What Does it Mean to You and Your Organization?
Janice Francisco, President, Bridgepoint Effect
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This is the first of four highly interactive sessions on key issues, and will be structured as a mini World Café. World Café is a simple conversational approach to foster constructive dialogue, access collective intelligence, and create innovative solutions and action plans.
Employee engagement has become a buzzword in the private and public sector HR communities. As such, it risks becoming a catch-all that is used to judge motivation, working environment, culture, and incentives and rewards. If this is the case, the term’s expansion may actually dilute its utility.
Janice Francisco will invite delegates to collaborate on the issues as they revisit the term “employee engagement” and what it means to tomorrow’s workplace.
For more information on this program, including the full agenda and speaker list, please visit our website, or contact Joel Elliott at

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