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CSRminute: ATCO Group Sustainability Highlights; $4.5B Moved to Credit Unions -


The ATCO Group has completed construction of its North Edmonton Operations Center, N.E.O.C., the largest commercial building in Canada to make use of geothermal heating and cooling technology fueled by natural gas. The Canadian energy, and technologies company has also opened two environmentally friendly operations centers; donated $3 million to 500 charities throughout Alberta in 2010; and posted a decline in its lost-time injury rate of 44 percent. These details are included in ATCO’s just released 2010 Sustainability Report.

Last month, credit unions gained 650,000 new customers, and collected $4.5 billion that was moved out of major banks. The totals were compiled by November 5th, which was tagged as Bank Transfer Day, a deadline to announce the figures to date. The Credit Union National Association has launched a multi-channel media campaign to advertise the benefits of credit unions.


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