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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

I’m blogging live from the CSR Expo today. In fact, I’ll be blogging live from the conference until tomorrow.  The CSR Expo is a yearly pow-wow where big honchos from corporations, corporate foundations, public affairs, and non-profits in the Philippines talk about emerging trends in corporate social responsibility.

I’ve been attending these events for a while and I always feel that something is still missing in all of these proceedings. Maybe the lack of a bona fide sustainability expert. Maybe there really is no such thing yet here. Sustainability is a learning curve, and here, the people involved in the the discourse are primarily marketing folk with revenue-generating mindsets who have put on the sustainability hat for the purpose business survival and public pats on the back. I can imagine it isn’t too different everywhere else.

I suppose what I’m looking for is someone other than a high-salaried CEO talking about planting trees and feeding hungry public school children. That’s great–these are things that need to be done.  I’m looking for high-stakes commitment. If you’re an extractive company, I want you to talk about slowly moving towards renewable energy. If you’re in logistics, I want to hear how you’re lowering your carbon footprint through the use of cleaner energy for your fleet and maybe even switching to hybrids (or even funding the development of these technologies).

I’m hoping to get excited about something after all this is done.


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