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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility and Real Estate

If we take into consideration that just in the EU buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions it is more than clear that there is a very strong correlation between corporate social responsibility and real estate, and it is one that cannot be ignored. One of the main ways of tackling this issue is the transformation of the existing buildings so as to maximize their efficiency and at the same time make them integral for the community, thus we often have mixed-use projects. Keeping in mind the numbers as well as the current change in climate change companies cannot ignore their corporate responsibility, which leads to the necessity of making the following changes when it comes to real estate. 

Carefully choosing the right property as the company’s headquarters

This is essential, especially for young startups. Your building becomes your environmental calling card. Customers can assess how much a company cares about the environment as soon as they approach your building. This is why it is important to choose a reliable real estate consulting firm that can find you exactly the kind of commercial property that will not only fit your company’s needs but also leave room for socially responsible modifications so as to ensure the minimization of the carbon footprint that you are leaving behind. 

Making sure there is a corporate social responsibility strategy

Each company needs to have a comprehensive strategy regarding social responsibility. And the strategy in place should take into consideration the economic, environmental, social and civic responsibilities that the company has towards the society. So, it is not only about the environment, there are a lot of other aspects that come into play when talking about social responsibility. From ensuring that the real estate your company chooses to invest in is an inclusive one and can accommodate a large diversity of employees and customers. Next on the list is the well-being of all the employees, this means having a space that is adapted in such a way that it benefits both the mental and physical health of people working in it. And finally, let’s not forget different activities aimed at raising awareness regarding corporate social responsibility

Doing your part to give back to the community

What is important is ensuring that the location you choose to set up shop is included in your corporate social awareness strategy. After all, that piece of real estate is going to be crucial for the success of your company. So, not only should the building itself be eco-friendly and modified in such a way that it minimizes its negative effect on the environment, but you should also ensure that the surrounding area is not highly impacted by your company being there, or at the very least, that there is a positive impact. So, if there is additional space surrounding your commercial real estate you can invest in covering it into something that can be of use to the entire community. Starting from a small park or a playground to something a bit more advanced like a solar panel park that can help generate part of the electricity that your company uses daily. The options depend solely on the choice of real estate and how much conversion it can undergo. But even the smallest of effort counts.

There is a direct correlation between corporate social responsibility and the choice of real estate, and it is one that cannot be ignored. This is why it is imperative that you take this into account whether you are already a commercial giant or a startup just getting off the ground. The future is here, and consumers are deciding which products to buy and whose service they want, not only based on the quality of the items or work but also on the stance that company has taken when it comes to some major socially important issues such as climate change, animal cruelty and diversity. And this is just the beginning, so why not start by taking on responsibility today and helping make our planet a better place to live. And step one should definitely bee choosing the right location from where it all can grow. 

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