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Connections in Ghana, especially with oranges?


One of my colleagues, Alex Stainburn, is on ACDI/VOCA volunteer project for orange growers in Ghana. We’re trying to help a buddy on an agricultural project there. Anyone with connections in Ghana, especially with oranges? See below for more details.


Drew Tulchin


From: Alex Stainburn []

My first few days in Ghana have gone well.  As I talk to the farmers and the management of the orange growers association it has become apparent that there is a lot more supply out there then the local market can absorb.  The association only sells to one local processor who is able to dictate terms.  If they had another processor or two to sell to, then their bargaining position would be strengthened.  I've tried to find other juice processors in Ghana but my internet connection is very slow, when available. 

Could I enlist help to hunt down the names of juice processors in Ghana?  Perhaps there is a juice processor association in Ghana that would list out its members?  I would just need to know the name, phone number, e-mail if given, and whether or not they process oranges.  The grower's assoc already deals with Fruittiland, so any other names provided would be a big help.  I don't need the information for a few days, and if nothing is coming up after a few searches then there may not be many around.

Thank you,

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