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Community Leaders in Kenya Speak About Child Prostitution

The following quotations appeared in the publication: The Extent and Effect of Sex Tourism and Sexual Exploitation of Children on the Kenyan Coast, published in 2007 by UNICEF

Shanzu Elder: “ if we were to visit a place like Aloha, so that you see for yourself the activities I have been telling you about. As seeing is believing, there you will find small children involved in giving Europeans massages. They have even gone to the extent of establishing businesses to do with massaging. In the process, they get European clients and that is where the dirty work begins eh!” “This situation has become rampant and it is not taking mercy on any gender because both boys and girls are included. We are also partially to blame because when you learn that your son/daughter has a European, then you know that even you will benefit; it means you won’t go without food”

Community-based organisation member Bombolulu: 13 years, starting from 13 years, those are the ones with most business. Let’s say 13 years, 14years are very many. More than above18 years

Youth leader: No tourist will want to look for an old mama whose tits are drooping to the knees. He has come to look for small girls say 15 or 16, not the old mamas.

Elder Shanzu: “ Let us say, that maybe the first time the girl will meet an old European man in a night club, they will have sex the same night, then maybe in the morning the girl will be taken to a place like Nakumatt and she emerges with shopping worth ten thousand shillings. So with the benefits like these, you see that it is easy to take part in this business.”

As noted, the average price in the high season for a single encounter with a tourist for an underage child (below 16) is KSh 2,000. This needs to be set against wages paid to children working in the domestic labour sector on the coast, who are frequently paid as little as KSh 1,000-1,500 per month. Casual labour on the coast for children rarely offers more than KSh 80-100 per day. From these figures, it is starkly self-evident why children and their families will determine that sex work is not only a viable, but a common-sense option.

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Comment by Dan Johnson on July 21, 2009 at 4:01am
A real tragedy, has there been any real progress in fighting it in Kenya, and elsewhere?
Comment by Ronald S. Ratney on July 21, 2009 at 9:11am
There is a steady stream of reports from around the world of children being rescued from sex slavery and exploiters being jailed but I haven't seen anything from Kenya. The rescue of any child is a triumph but considering the number of child sex slaves in the world, the number of rescued children is only a fraction of a percent of the number of victims.

I've discussed the issue in a longer post in the blog section of this web site. Look for "A Blight on the World of Travel: Sexual Tourism"


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