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Indeed, Christmas is meant to be a season of caring and of giving. But is it?

Early morning Christmas Day, I needed to buy some things at Concepcion Wet-Market - thus, I needed to park my car in one side-street nearby. On my return, I had a Father-Son Duo standing beside my car and meeting me with frowning faces. They were angry that I parked my car blocking exit of their parked car inside their garage bearing the signage: "Keep Driveway Open". As a driver myself, I have always tried to observe Road Courtesy. As I never intended to consciously obstruct anybody's Right-of-Way, I was shocked to be shouted upon by this Father-Son Duo who insulted me by implying if I was a stranger in Marikina - a city of disciplined people. Despite the anger boiling inside of me, I simply said: "Sorry" - and left. Candidly, their driveway was NOT clear to me. I have always understood a "Driveway" to have a sloping Gutter-Approach. Theirs was not.

Late evening Christmas Day, my Wife and I needed to pay our respects to her Aunt Felicing (who passed away 7:30am - same day) and whose wake was ready for viewing at Loyola Memorial Park Marikina. Driving along one city main-street, I was cut on my left by one car and on my right by another car in quick succession. While I could not believe seeing many people on the road at late evening of Christmas Day, the near-mishaps that just happened again took by surprise.

Given the temper of people in & off the road (even on Christmas Day), is Christ nowhere in their hearts? With many poor people going around house-to-house shouting "Merry Christmas" (and expecting a gift in return), is Mendicancy now inculcated in the Filipino culture? God save the Filipino People!!!

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