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China Social Compliance Leadership Series 2011

Ian Spaulding, Managing Director of INFACT Global Partners, announced a series of new seminars to complement its recently launched China Social Compliance Leadership Series. There are several key recurring issues in Chinese factories that require intensive information sharing and INFACT has responded by collaborating with a number of different organizations to develop and deliver practical solutions.

In collaboration with Fair Labor Association, INFACT will be hosting seminars on May 16th on Human Resource Management and May 17th on Hours of Work,

  • Human Resource Management (HRM) - In response to the growing concern over labor shortages and difficulties with worker retention INFACT and FLA have joined forces to equip factory management with what they need to improve their factory. This will cover managing human resources, training and performance appraisal, grievance and mediation and how to use the FLA Self-Assessment Tool to monitor HRM in the factory context. More information on HRM is available on the INFACT website.

  • Hours of Work (HoW) – With the challenge of trying meeting codes of conduct and retain a workforce which largely desires working overtime factory managers face incredible challenges. INFACT and FLA has created a training to educate managers on trends and challenges, proper methods for recording work hours, effective production management and how to use the FLA Self-Assessment Tool to monitor HoW. More information on Hours of Work training is available on the INFA... 

Working with CCRCSR, INFACT will host another seminar on May 20th on Juvenile Workers.

  • INFACT and CCRCSR have developed training to help factories ease their labor shortage issues by appropriately hiring student workers and interns and how to protect these vulnerable workers. All the training will be framed in the context of managing the challenges of a new generation of workers.More information on this training is available on the INFACT website.

These are in addition to the China Social Compliance Leadership Series seminars on June 7 in London,June 14 in New York, June 16 in San Francisco, July 5-6 in Shanghai and July 12-13 in Shenzhen. The Leadership Series will focus on key social compliance issues and how to expand the scope of activities while operating within constrained budgets.
“Excessive working hours continues to be a significant issue in most developing countries, but particularly so in China. However, the labor shortage experienced in 2010 and likely to continue going forward has created a series of new challenges such as retaining your workers, increasing worker output and dealing with significant shifts in migration” said INFACT Global Partners Managing Director Ian Spaulding. “This new series of seminars are intended to get at the heart of HR issues.”
INFACT has also recently joined the Ethical Fashion Forum in the UK. The Ethical Fashion Forum is a non-profit organization made of fashion industry leaders focused on poverty reduction, education and the environment as it relates to the fashion industry. The EFF are hosting an event called the Excellence in Ethical Fashion, a three day intensive leadership training in June.
INFACT Global Partners is a China-based corporate social responsibility and manufacturing solutions consultancy firm.   Led by Ian Spaulding, pioneer of a major retailer’s global labor compliance efforts covering more than 6000 factories in 43 different sourcing countries, INFACT is focused exclusively on Social Compliance Operational and Productivity Solutions for companies manufacturing in China.

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