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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Can developing and developed countries look at sustainability at the peak of Global economic crisis?

As nations struggle to go through the Global economic crisis, hell might be breaking loose for a sustainable world. Developing countries and developed countries are looking at many ways to create more employment, pay off their debt and solve income inequality. Many sustainable programs rely on compliance with government regulations and funding to facilitate their activities. However, the labour pains which will produce either a sustainable planet or unsustainable planet are starting to be felt. The recent USA campaigns, debated little on climate change and a sustainable planet as this topic could jeopardize job creation and over exploitation of natural resources.

It is true that both developed and developing countries have attempted to introduce measures to deal with the problems of environmental degradation in order to have a sustainable planet.

However, the problem of rapid population growth and pursue for development through industrialization (to creates jobs) in developing countries is likely to unhinge their efforts towards a sustainable planet. Given the fact, that poverty still overwhelms many developing countries and that the eradication of social ills (famine, diseases, etc) and the protection of the environment, both depend on their states with limited source of funding. Environmental aspect is likely to rank lower on the list of priorities in many developing countries. Although many people have come up to say environment is still perceived by many developing countries as a luxury and the policy makers are more concerned about more employment, higher income.  Faced with the apparent conflict between pressures to develop (in order to meet the social ills of their people) and to guard the environment, the latter may be sacrificed to the immediate necessity of economic progress. So should sustainable environmental programs in developing countries be supported at this time of global economic crisis?

Developed countries often report:

  • The BBC News 12 November 2012 (EU suspends extension of plane emissions trading rules). These rules are in line with the international framework tackling CO2 emissions.

The European Union has postponed a planned extension of rules that require airlines to pay for their carbon emissions to include flights to and from non-EU destinations due to high costs.

  • Obama halts controversial EPA regulation

The global economic crisis in USA lead to what is called controversial EPA regulation (smog standard) to be halted in order to create jobs and save costs to private businesses

Although the Global economic crisis is seen as a threat to a sustainable planet, both developed and developing countries should consider the impacts of unsustainable planet, environmental hazards for example; floods, heat waves, droughts , air pollution and unsafe water or sanitation  will affect the populations of both  developing and developed countries. Therefore, environmental protection should be taken in to consideration even in the peak of Global economic crisis.

Can developing and developed countries look at sustainability at the peak of Global economic crisis?




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