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BigTech: Software donation program of NASSCOM Foundation

BigTech one-stop- shop for all the software needs of NGOs in India. BigTech is the key technology philanthropy program of NASSCOM Foundation. In partnership with US-based TechSoup, donations are available for a small admin fee that supports our work.
Using pirated software might be cheaper and free, but it's not worth the risk to use software infected with multiple malware & viruses. We understand that buying genuine copies of softwares like operating systems, antivirus, accounting softwares, etc., consumes a large part of your funds.
Through BigTech Indian NGOs can receive the latest in technology as donations thereby conserving and diverting their budgets for other better use! Technology as a donation also makes it feasible to upgrade your currently installed technology to scale-up your operations & impact. 
All you need to do is to register with us at send us your societies/trust registration and FCRA certificate (if available) and then place an order online. NGOs with FCRA can receive donations from Microsoft, BitDefender, Citrix, Fluidsurveys, SAP etc.http:// 
​You can also write to us at​

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