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Banorte Strives to be One of the Most Appealing Organizations in Mexico, in Terms of Work: Mr. Alejandro Valenzuela del Río, Ph. D.

During his participation -as a presenter- at the 46th International Congress on Human Resources,  organized by the Mexican Association on Human Resources Management (AMEDIRH, per its acronym in Spanish), Mr. Alejandro Valenzuela del Río, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Financiero Banorte, spoke about the challenges, opportunities, and practices regarding the well-being and development of the human capital at Grupo Financiero.

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During the Congress, our CEO reminded the participants that banking is a human capital-intensive industry. For Banorte, as a human capital-intensive organization -almost 25,000 jobs-, “the challenge is to reach superior management in this area; which will allow us to identify actual talent needs, develop leadership inside the group, have a participatory labor force, and promote a pleasant work environment, among other things.”

Alejandro Valenzuela also spoke about the challenges that the Group is facing in terms of HR. He pointed out the Banorte-Ixe merge among such challenges, that is, to set-up a model integrated by human resources and reach synergies by keeping the best talent. He also stressed the integration of human capital to the business strategy of the group in the long term, which will imply to align employee recruitment and retention tactics, review compensation systems, as well as increase efforts in terms of training and career plans; matching them with the best practices available worldwide.
Another challenge is to provide effective support to the employees that are no longer working in the organization because of the merger process. This kind of support is taking place already through the “outplacement” strategies, so that our former associates will find a new place to work in the shortest time possible. So far, it has brought about good results.
Mr. Valenzuela informed that concerning human capital, Banorte’s practices have stood out by significant efforts  such as the Ingenio Banorte program, that helps develop a culture of continuous  innovation, by fostering and acknowledging the generation of innovative ideas; or, the Top Management Development Program that grants full time master’s programs in schools such as the  IPADE (Pan-American Institute for Top Business Management), as well as specialized Certificate studies and workshops, among other efforts, like Acciones Banorte, the corporate volunteering program.      
Finally, our CEO pointed out that his organization is committed to Social Responsibility, and therefore, to the well-being and development of its human capital. For this reason, the organization will continue promoting strategies that will allow it to place itself among the most appealing in Mexico as far as work is concerned.


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