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Banorte Seeks to Promote Mexico as a Green Economy

The Global Institute for Sustainability at Monterrey Tech and over 30 companies, including Banorte, as well as public and private bodies, signed the first national agreement on sustainability: "Sustainable Agreement for Mexico."

Haga clic aquí para leer esta nota en español.

This agreement seeks to encourage Mexico to become a "green economy". "(...) This agreement calls for leading companies to use sustainability as a smart business strategy, government entities to promote sustainable policies and universities to generate knowledge and human capital needed to undertake this transformation," said Dr. Isabel Studer .

To make this transformation possible, the points of agreement are to:

• Promote sustainability from a vision to consider the efficient use of resources (water, energy, inputs) and business opportunities.
• Promote financial instruments for companies committed to sustainability, both large companies and SMEs, as well as promoting sustainable entrepreneurial culture.
• Promote alternative energy (energy efficiency, renewable energy) as the basis of the "green revolution".
• Promote the "blue revolution" by using water efficiently, to benefit agribusiness.
• Promote innovation in corporate culture.

The "Agreement for a Sustainable Mexico" is available at

The call for the adoption of the Agreement is open to firms from all sectors, business chambers and associations, governments of the 32 states and the Federal District, municipal governments, universities and research centers. We invite you to review the agreement and where appropriate, add to it, in order to turn Mexico "green". To make Mexico a stronger nation.




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