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Are you’s first intern? needs someone to help strengthen its social media presence and to support me in charting the site’s evolution and growth.  At this time, the position is a part-time, unpaid internship, i.e. a secondvolunteer.

Responsibilities and duties will include:


  • Monitor news and opinion in the media and blogosphere on aid, philanthropy and social enterprise to:
    • Identify and share articles, events, and announcements that are of interest to the readership of
    • Identify opportunities to raise the profile of people and organizations offering alternatives to donor-initiated, project-based funding. 

  • Manage content and update social media sites on a daily basis. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Write original articles, edit guest submissions, and produce audio/visual content.
  • Contribute to website re-design and development.

CONNECTING THE DOTS (that is, people)
  • Interact and engage in virtual dialogues on, social media sites, and other online communities.
  • Recruit followers and reach out to existing contacts. Create a contacts database for
  • Organize and host events, including meet-ups, learning groups, and fundraising activities.

…and of course, any other activities as requested. It is an internship after all.

Please do apply if you…

…have a passion for international development (and by passion, I mean you are a nerd like me when it comes to this topic).

…want to further develop your IT, communications, and social media prowess.

…take initiative and would rather work without constant supervision or hand-holding.

…are enthusiastic, confident, flexible, and honest.

…have reliable organizational, administrative and time management skills.

…can think conceptually and write clearly in English.

…have experience working or volunteering in the developing world.

…are totally Zen, except for that pesky attention to detail.

But please don’t bother applying if you…

…think helping is easy or that the needs of the poor are uncomplicated.

…your interest in international development is primarily about some unrealized need to “make a difference.”

…are a total cynic or critic, without the desire or ability to see new possibilities and form ideas for a way forward.

Time Commitment

The initial placement will be for three months, with a possibility of extension. Ideally the intern will be able to commit to at least one day per week (or the equivalent hours).


You can be anywhere, but you must have own computer, web access and workspace. The only requirement is your ability to meet face-to-face with the founder, either in Washington D.C. or virtually, on a weekly basis.


To apply, please email your CV and a maximum 500-word essay explaining why in the world (!?!) you would want to contribute uncompensated hours of your precious time each week to Send them to (Hint: Successful candidates will be able to eloquently convey vision and authentic yet shameless self-promotion, with just a touch of flattery– ha!)

Closing date: Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Interviews: Saturday, 11 February 2012

Anticipated start date: Monday, 13 February 2012


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