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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

After making the switch to Apple in 2007 I really could not be any more happier. The MacBook Pro is amazing and it beats the HP that I had by miles. I'm also extremely happy to be done with all the error messages that my precious Microsoft operating system bestowed upon me.

Anyways BESIDES all that I'm happy to see Apple finally making the move towards becoming more "green". Over the past couple years, Apple has been hammered by several environmental groups and in particular Greenpeace who singled them out for their use of toxic chemicals in 2007. The major argument here is that Apple, who has a brand identity of being hip, cool and progressive, can't be environmentally friendly too?

In order to fight this, Apple has decided to release more details these environmental groups have been trying to get their hands on. An example of this would be that Apple will finally reveal its annual corporate carbon emissions for the first time.

I know that with Apple's new line of computers that just recently came out, they are apparently designed to be more environmentally friendly so that's good to see.

If anyone has any other insight into this please comment and share some of your thoughts!

Source: BusinessWeek

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